Work On A Speech Or Presentation As A Masterpiece

How your personal rhetorical masterpiece makes you a better speaker
How your personal rhetorical masterpiece makes you a better speaker

Your personal rhetorical masterpiece


Every speaker should make a brilliant speech at least once in his life. The effect goes far beyond the event. This experience becomes a mental reference. Such an experience will change you as a speaker. Work on your personal rhetorical masterpiece.


There are things where mediocrity is unbearable: poetry, music, painting and public speech.

Jean de La Bruyèr

Speaking in front of an audience as an annoying duty or pleasure?


It is a very simple choice in many areas:
a.) Give up your career or b.) Speak convincingly in front of an audience?

Many people more or less consciously choose option a.) and avoid public speeches. It’s a pity because that’s why they miss out on many opportunities.

Much has been written about why so many people are so afraid to speak in front of an audience. But even the best excuse doesn’t change the fact: Apart from professional ability, the most important success factor in many areas is the ability to present oneself and one’s offer convincingly. And therefore it is quite helpful to use suitable speech opportunities effectively. So; time to devote yourself to the skills for outstanding speeches and presentations in a way that makes it worthwhile.




Your rhetorical masterpiece as a reference experience


All beginnings are difficult? Many remember their first steps with public speaking. And they are not always exhilarating memories. The eternal struggles during preparation, the soft knees during walking forward, the fear of forgetting something, the many eyes directed at one, limiting thoughts, bodily fluids and … With such memories, the next opportunity to speak is not exactly longed for. Requests for such occasions are rejected immediately, if possible.

Be inspired by Ivan Petrovich Pavlov and myself, because Pavlov’s conditioning is the other way round. Instead of being restricted by negative experiences, you provide for very good experiences, which serve as motivating reference experiences in the future. Work with support on a personal masterpiece, a speech or presentation that proves to you and the audience what you are capable of. The effort you take upon yourself will not only serve this one performance but will positively influence all future presentations.

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Have you already made such a remarkable reference experience during a speech or presentation? How do you benefit?


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No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist.

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Published: August 3, 2016
Author: Karsten Noack
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