Travel Companion For Heroes

That's what I do
Travel Companion For Heroes

I am a travel companion for heroes


The world could be a better place. The problem isn’t a lack of ideas. I watch too often, that honest offers get no deserved opportunity. No one seems ever listen to them. Those who want to work for something get frustrated and then give up. Some stay quiet when they are convinced that they personally can’t make an impact. That is sad because it’s through engagement with the world, and not separation from it, that something with meaning gets produced.




So what?


I can no longer count the number of presentations I have accompanied. After all, it’s been a few years since becoming self-employed in 1998. In intensive collaboration, many ideas have helped to bring life to the wild. Usually, we do that systematically and well prepared. For myself, I usually prefer to talk spontaneously. I love to give a speech to the audience without specific preparation. This is a quality that is both weakness and strength. This is usually a good idea because I only talk about topics that move me personally. The power of real debate is in the language and honesty of the speaker.




My profession, my clients, the heroes


If I answer the question of what I do for what reasons, I say: “I am a travel companion for heroes. Although my clients seldom consider themselves as such, even though they fulfill the criteria.”

No, I am not Gandalf and I don’t have a long white beard. You’ll find more details about me and my personal background in management, consulting and coaching in my profile. Let us find out what I can do for you and your message. Where and how is my experience in marketing, psychology, and communication helpful for you?