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How to make good decisions? Techniques and coaching. Sorry, no legal advice!
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Make good decisions


Coaching and tips for decision-making, decision-making techniques, perspectives and tools for making good decisions. Our decisions define us, because decisions have consequences for us and other people. Coaching makes it easier to identify priorities, options and alternatives.

Sometimes it’s the smallest words like yes and no that make us pause for thought the most.







The oldest, shortest words— yes and no— are those which require the most thought.




All these questions, all these choices: do you continue to be employed or take the plunge into self-employment? Up the offer or specialize? Plan your life out or opt for adventure? Stay in bed or get up? Be outgoing or more introvert and shy? Hamburg or Saint Tropez? Pizza or Beluga-Caviar? Ask a personal coach for assistance with your decision-making or not? … Take a deep breath!

Please, can someone stop the clock?


Again and again, we are faced with important decisions: short-, medium- and long-term. Some of them we can answer immediately — almost gut instinctively — and once the decision is made you feel content and joyful, enthusiastic and you feel relaxed. Other decisions, however, rob us of our sleep. Too much depends on the correct choice. They distract us, concentration and quality of life suffer … and if we avoid them for too long, then suddenly someone else or other circumstances decide for us, which rarely leads to a desirable result.

No question about it- this is the best solution! — What I offer


If you want to stop repeating the same obsessive questions … over and over and over and over … and you’re not making any headway … then just ask me. Instead of giving you an answer,  (even better) I support you in making the best choice by …

  • finding and exploring your most important decision-making criteria like motives, values, and principles
  • reviewing the factors that influence your decision
  • reflecting on the opportunities and expectations in the light of your own needs
  • exploring the possible scenarios through the advantages and disadvantages and opportunities, risks and consequences of your decision
  • thoroughly checking whether a decision has to be made immediately or if it is perhaps more opportunistic to delay the decision-making or if there is another important decision with a higher priority that needs addressing first.

Your coach

Since 1998 I have been working as a coach. It is often about decisions. Although I do not take the decisions from my clients, I help them make good decisions. Often it is about first clearing your mind, to recognize the options and to expand the scope for action. Find out more about me in my profile.

Just ask me personally


Let's get into a conversation. Please post any questions that may interest other readers in the comments. If you are interested in coaching or training, for personal questions about that and appointments you can reach me by e-mail (, phone +49(0)30 864 213 68 and mobile phone +49(0)1577 704 53 56. You can also use this contact form. Please read the information about the privacy policy.


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What clients say


I was stuck in a rut, in all aspects of my life. I needed someone to listen to me and help me find the way out of the fog. I found coach Karsten Noack in Berlin. By the time our session is over, I have a new level clarity as well as confidence and energy to move forward. I recommend Karsten to anyone looking to make any kind of impactful change in their work or career and especially as a resource for decision making.

Benjamin Auriol



Karsten Noack is a great executive coach to partner with. Every coaching conversation with him is refreshing and insightful.

Anja Beck



My coaching experience with Karsten taught me how to think differently. His coaching has helped me find more effective ways of easing my own process to clarity and steps to progress. Karsten is a great listener, and very engaged. He prepared me for a life changing decision. And it was a good decision!

Lea Wahl



I have always been a very indecisive person and preferred for others to make decisions on my behalf, and then inevitably resent them if it turned out to be the wrong decision. I now know what my core values are and every decision I make refers to them.

Andrew Walz

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Something To Aim At

For our personal development, we need something to aim at because goals motivate us to make the most of our skills and possibilities – our life. When we truly want to achieve something it leads us to offer the best performance. And it feels good because especially the challenging goals, the big picture, a vision bring us purpose and meaning.

In all cultures and at all times, humans have sought to make sense of their existence. Man’s search for meaning is a quest as ancient as the dawn of human consciousness. The ancient Greek thought and talked a lot about it.

How About Your Gut Feeling?

A gut feeling arises when your brain makes an instant connection between what’s happening in the present and a similar circumstance from your past.

This kind of intuition isn’t magic; it’s unconscious reasoning. What your hunches tell you is often a better gauge of what will make you happy than an analytical spreadsheet could ever be.

The Truth About Abundance

Abundance is one of those things that many people desire. How about you?
It is such a cliche, but it is true: money cannot buy happiness. It can influence happiness since it can afford us necessities, a comfortable lifestyle, and opportunities that may increase our overall life satisfaction. But money, in itself, is not the abundance we seek.

Decision Making: Do It Now!

When you think about it, all business activity really comes down to two simple things: Making decisions and executing on decisions. Your success depends on your ability to develop speed as a habit in both. I believe that speed, like exercise and eating healthy, can be habitual.

This article is a short excerpt of the more comprehensive course materials my clients receive in group or individual training or coaching.

First published: March 21, 2001
Author: Karsten Noack
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Translation: April 3, 2009
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