Oh Sorry! I didn’t See You There! It Is Time For Authentic Self Marketing

Promote yourself authentically: Authentic Self Marketing
Authentic Self Marketing

Authentic self-marketing


When you have something to offer, authentic self-marketing helps you to get the deserved attention. Good self-marketing is believable, it’s real. That’s why I’m talking about authentic self-marketing.

Authentic Self Marketing


Are you tired of constantly fighting for attention?  Then you’re like many people; you’re full of possibilities and anything is doable! In most areas, there is an abundance of people and businesses offering and providing you with opportunities and solutions. Everyone wants to be noticed. But the best deal is not always immediately obvious, and for specific groups or people, it is sometimes difficult to recognize the right offer.

Your professional abilities, your product, your service, your idea may all be remarkable. But if they do not come across to others as remarkably amazing then they will be ignored or worse, go completely unnoticed. To be influential just by yourself isn’t enough anymore. You need a team. The relevant people must also learn this, know this and want to reap the benefits.  You’re right, Mr. Noack! So what do I do?

The following questions will lead you to answers that will take you to the next step:

  • What do you stand for?
  • What do you admire with all your heart?
  • What do you really want?
  • What is your idea?
  • What are the benefits of your proposition? What is your solution?
  • Who benefits the most from what you have to offer and who is willing to honor and back you?
  • What makes you and your proposition unique?
  • Is it worth developing a brand name for it or creating a profile?
  • How can you communicate to intended audiences the benefits of your particular idea or proposition?




A glimpse of success is in sight: What I offer


If you no longer want to be the backing singer but the main vocal artist then ask for support. As a coach and trainer, I’ll help you …

  • to develop a clear strategy on how to represent yourself in your professional life
  • to define your goals
  • to raise your profile and to position yourself clearly
  • to work out your relevant strengths
  • to formulate clearly the benefits of your product / service
  • to create an implementation plan with concise concrete steps


And if you want, I will even accompany you in the realization of all of this. Dreaming was yesterday!

Your coach

Since 1998 I support people in presenting themselves and their offer convincingly. Before that, I was a manager with a focus on marketing. Far too many interesting offers dust in drawers instead of making their contribution. I have already experienced far too many people who thought the quality of their offer was sufficient. I admire such honest people. But that goes past the reality. If you are convinced of your offer, you should also present it accordingly. Thereby offer and offerer cannot be separated. That is why I am helping you so that you and your offer are convincingly presented. Benefit from my experience in marketing, psychology, and rhetoric.

Find out more about me in my profile.

Just ask me personally


Let's get into a conversation. Please post any questions that may interest other readers in the comments. If you are interested in coaching or training, for personal questions about that and appointments you can reach me by e-mail (mail@karstennoack.com), phone +49(0)30 864 213 68 and mobile phone +49(0)1577 704 53 56. You can also use this contact form. Please read the information about the privacy policy.


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What clients say


Authentic self marketing works well. Thanks for taking me to a new level. Couldn’t have done it without you, Karsten.

Nancy Blum

Articles about self-marketing


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Famous or notorious, doesn’t matter as long as known?
Sure, it doesn’t matter how! Why dealing with the uninteresting details? And even 5 minutes fame are better than nothing, isn’t it?

In today’s world, the aim to be seen tends to become closer to absurdity. Anyway, when you ignore the side-effects and long-term results, it is possible. Therefore here are a few ideas how to do it – or should I write observations? Voila: 8 proven strategies to become famous and another one that I recommend to you.

How About Your Focus?

Self-marketing needs focus. You may have many strengths and talents. Don’t be tempted to focus on more than one or two, or you will dilute your message. Focus on your core message so that you are known for something that counts!

Stage Fright: I am here to live out loud!

In case you have stage fright you aren’t alone. Many performers do. Learn to leave that cycle. If you have something to say; let me help you with your stage fright. Live out loud, and be heard!

One Side of Character is Integrity

Integrity is an important part of a character. Integrity is a choice we make, and it’s a choice we must keep making, every moment of our lives. Develop and protect your integrity.


It is your decision: When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.

Is Bad Publicity Really Better Than None?

How about your self-marketing? Is bad publicity really better than none? Some even believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity. What do you think? Does the end justify the means?

To Win An Argument Is To Shout Louder Than Everyone Else

There is this human tendency to put even more effort into arguments when the opponent doesn’t want to agree. Sometimes we also put more effort in our voices. Being confident and loud seems to the best way to win an argument. Is that true?

You Want to Avoid Criticism?

A fulfilled life isn’t about avoiding criticism. Criticism can be a good thing. It’s often said that whoever is going on his way and does not encounter criticism is probably going in the wrong direction. Time to get on the right track …
It’s better to have honest criticism than to give or receive false praise. At least you know where you stand!

Promises and Integrity: Who cares about the promises of yesterday?

Keeping promises and what is promised is twofold. Many promise mountains but deliver molehills.

Although Shakespeare said “a promise made is a debt unpaid,” what is left of this attitude in today‘s world? More widely used today is probably the notion; promises cost nothing. And what about empty promises?

In particular, the advertising industry depicts that no one is really bothered about empty promises.

How to Define Your Target Market

Shakespeare was a marketing specialist. Keep that recommendation in mind when you define your target market. Don’t waste time marketing to people who won’t be interested, however.

Is This Vision Too Huge and Far Away?

You believe what you have to offer – your vision – it’s good for the world but you fear it is too huge and not possible to achieve in the near future? How sure are you? Would you invest and develop the idea if there were a clear path to success?
A big Vision animates, inspires, transforms purpose into action.

Are You Trustworthy?

    Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. Albert Einstein     People like to deal with those they can trust. If people trust you, they will like you and give you more opportunities than...

Trust, Dignity and Body Language

Oftentimes, what comes out of our mouths and what we communicate through our body language are two totally different things.
When faced with these mixed signals, the listener has to choose whether to believe your verbal or nonverbal message. In most cases, they’re going to choose the nonverbal.

This article is a short excerpt of the more comprehensive course materials my clients receive in group or individual training or coaching.

First published: March 21, 2001
Author: Karsten Noack
Revision: April 3, 2018
Translation: April 3, 2009
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