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Self-marketing needs focus. You may have many strengths and talents. Don’t be tempted to focus on more than one or two, or you will dilute your message. Focus on your core message so that you are known for something that counts!

You can do anything, but not everything.

Focus on your core message


What do you tell your audience about yourself? You may have many strengths and talents. Don’t be tempted to focus on more than one or two at the same time, or you will dilute your message.

This is where many people fail in their market. They have a message that is all over the board and therefore their message is confusing. Nobody understands who they are or what they do.

When you focus your message, you set yourself up to be known for something. You have to focus on your core message and eliminated everything else. You need to be very clear about your message. You need to be as specific as you possibly can be.

You need to be willing to sacrifice everything else to focus your message. This way you will become known for that. When your known for something specific you become the expert in that field. As a result, you will more easily position yourself as the expert. When you can do that consistently you’re going to gain much more loyal clients. Everybody trusts an expert more than a generalist.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a doctor, lawyer, accountant, auto mechanic, business owner, or consultant. Being seen as an expert in your niche will help your business and your career.

Positioning yourself as an expert is not an overnight proposition. It is a long-term challenge. You’re going to be investing in marketing long-term regardless. Why not do it the right way? Focus on your core message, be known for something that counts, be clear, be specific.

Concentrate: You can’t be everyone to all people. You have to give up to go up. In marketing, less is more. You have to know your target market, your ideal client. You have to understand who and how your clients are. You have to make sure that your position is right, and then you have to focus your message. You have to repeat your core message over and over again through a variety of media, through a variety of methods. Finally, your clients think about you, when they need an expert in your field.

Focus on your core message so that you are known for something that counts!

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Do you have a focus?

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