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Presentation Prep


Do you need support for your speech, your presentation or a media interview? Learn how can I help you to prepare your presentation.


In making a speech one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the language; third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech.


Presentation Prep


Do you need support for your speech, your presentation or a media interview? You have something to say and want to make sure that your message will come across well? You want to turn elaborate and dry teaching examples from the textbook into an easily consumable and engaging story and summarise even the most complicated details concisely to the point  … And if possible you want to present it all in a captivating and entertaining manner?

Then let me accompany you, I’ll support you from the foundation idea to the successful dress rehearsal — and if desired I’ll even attend your presentation! You’ll have to walk on stage and do the talking but I’ll congratulate you after the ecstatic applause!


What clients say


I really feel like I’ve come away with tons of great ideas on how to improve my presentation, and I’m really grateful for that.

Horst Kern


I thought I needed help with my Powerpoint slides and ended up with a well structured, visually oriented presentation and an approachto deliver impactful messages on a very complex topic.

Franklin Mayer

Articles about presentation skills


Present The Benefits In The Beginning Of Your Pitch

There are many strategies to consider in opening your pitch. Think about it twice, because those first minutes can make or break you.

Think Twice Before Every Media Interview

You’ve received a call from a reporter who wants to interview you, and because you like the idea you want to confirm immediately. Wait a second! Think twice before you do a media interview. It may be a chance and it is full of risks.

In case you are uncertain that you want to be interviewed by the media, here are some points to consider

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Choose the Simplest Explanation

I like the idea of simplicity even more than I like sometimes the practice of it. This is probably the case for most of us. In our super-complex modern world, every step toward simplicity feels like a leap. But it’s a leap worth taking, and especially for speakers.

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Good Speakers Will Offer Additional Perspectives

Does your speech offer some new insights to the audience? Do you invite them to explore another point of view? Or do you try to force them to accept your point of view?

Better: Help them to see your point of view! When they see and feel your arguments themselves and they will make the arguments their own. When your suggestion is it worth you have a high chance that they will support it. And their decision last!

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Interested In Better Speech Writing?

Are you frustrated because your speeches lack quality?
Are you tired of rewriting speeches at the last minute?
Do you want to improve the way you deliver speeches?

What would it mean for you and your organization if you could improve the quality of your speeches and reduce the amount of time it took to produce them. What would that mean in terms of saved time, stress and money?

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This article is a short excerpt of the more comprehensive course materials my clients receive in group or individual training or coaching.

First published: March 21, 2001
Author: Karsten Noack
Revision: April 3, 2018
Translation: April 3, 2009
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