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Coaching, consulting and training: Communication and presentation skills, marketing and psychology to present yourself and your message compelling in conversations and presentations
Great ideas need wings as well as landing gear and someone to jump start them. Karsten Noack Training & Coaching Berlin



Yes, you’ve arrived at the right place. At least if you want to see enthusiastic faces in front of you during your speeches and presentations, if you want to be mistaken for at least an anchorman in front of the camera, you want to learn how to negotiate cleverly and successfully, if you always want to have the right saying available or want to know how to stay positive in the memory of the audiences.

But also if you want honest and constructive feedback or are looking for new insights and additional perspectives. Then you have come to the right place!

Let me help you to convey your messages brilliantly in conversations, navigate media interviews effectively, deliver presentations and speeches that move people to action, and pitch to investors powerfully and compellingly.

Just in case you speak German: My homepage www.karstennoack.de in German is still much more detailed than this homepage www.karstennoack.com in English. 



The coronavirus is still an issue! Experts and the government discuss the consequences. And I am not a virologist.

Individual sessions in my facilities are possible, according to the official rules and recommendations. Some clients enjoy sessions while we have a walk through the Tiergarten. Others prefer sessions by telephone or with video support via the Internet. As a responsible and effective alternative for group training and also 1:1 sessions (individual training, coaching, and consulting), video sessions via the Internet have proven to be very effective.

Please take good care of yourself and those you love. May 2021 be a wonderful year.

The motto of the day

A mighty flame arises from a tiny spark. –Dante Alighieri

What spark do you want to bring into the world and what do you expect from it? Is it worth standing up for and giving the idea a real chance?

May I introduce myself?

Hello, I am Karsten Noack! I live in Berlin and I have been a globetrotter for a long time. After a career in management and consulting, I offer my experience since 1998 as a consultant, coach, and trainer. I am a media-savvy and engaged speaker, myself. The focus of my work is to make you and your message compelling in conversations and presentations.

My clients include companies, executives, freelancers, and start-up businesses, people in politics and science, while some are also private individuals. And maybe you.

But now let’s see what I can do for you … 

Present yourself and your message convincingly


Whether you want to improve your communication and public speaking skills for your career, your business, your role as a do-gooder or expert, in talks, discussions, speeches, presentations or for the pitch of the next big thing … Both — the message and the messenger — have to convince the audience. This is sometimes easier said than done. Even the best concepts have to compete with many others.




Far too many opportunities remain unnoticed!


We never hear anything about certain great ideas, because they get lost. No one is willing or able to bring them alive, even if they could easily be implemented. A pity for everyone who would have benefited from it.

Many interesting messages don’t reach the right audience. Nowadays many people want to be heard, but only a few are willing to listen. The background noise is loud and we are constantly distracted. The audience finds it difficult to separate the interesting offers from the empty promises.

Yes, you need courage. Not every message is received with open arms. Today the earth is round, yesterday it was considered flat. Those who dare to change the world view do not only make friends. Changes often create resistance! Are you well-prepared? It is brilliant when good preparation meets the right opportunity. If you are willing to speak up, I will support you.

When in the distant future it is written on my gravestone: “A travel companion for heroes”, I have made my contribution to the world and you.




What makes my offer remarkable for you?


A look at my profile reveals that you benefit from my special background. For many of your concerns, the combination of communication science, marketing, and psychology is helpful for many of your concerns. This knowledge and my experiences have already proven to be very successful for many clients. After all, you as a personality must be just as convincing as your message. Persuasiveness is based on several factors. For example, body language plays a vital role in the personal impact you convey. Body language, in turn, is fundamentally based on inner beliefs.

Let me help you,
present your messages brilliantly,
effectively conduct media interviews,
to give presentations and speeches,
to address the audience powerfully and compelling,
and encourage people to act.

One more question, Mr. Noack: What exactly is coaching?


Coaching is …” Well, as far as the lexicon is concerned, there are many definitions. For me, coaching means supporting people who are at a turning point or stuck in a dead-end. Clients come to me because they have important decisions to make, or they have ideas and find it difficult to implement them. Many people want to change direction and still wrestle with old habits. In these and other areas I help you with constructive feedback and suggestions, encourage you to dream, think and achieve clarity. I offer additional perspectives and expand your creative scope, prepare you for changes and accompany you on your journey. 

Just ask me personally


Let's get into a conversation. Please post any questions that may interest other readers in the comments. If you are interested in coaching or training, for personal questions about that and appointments you can reach me by e-mail (mail@karstennoack.com), phone +49(0)30 864 213 68, and mobile phone +49(0)1577 704 53 56. You can also use the contact form. Please read the information about the privacy policy.

New Articles

Body language: What can actually be read from the eyes? Not only wishes!

What can be read from the eyes? More than wishes! The eyes have a big part in human facial expressions. There is a reason why the eyes are called the mirror of the soul. They reveal a lot about our feelings and thoughts, no matter if we want it or not. Eyes can smile, radiate joy, permeate, agree, question, doubt or reject. Learn to read body language.

Beware of comments!


According to my purpose as a writer, I am responsible for writing and you as a reader are responsible for reading. If you now also write and I have to read that, you will mess up everything here. Feel encouraged to do just that, I appreciate it!

What clients say


I know Karsten for over 2 years now and worked with him on many topics, from presenting to building a personal brand. He always gave very good training and advice. Also, he is an excellent hypnotherapist that helps you to solve almost any issue in one session – very impressive! My mental trainer of choice!

Phillip Neuberger
CEO PinkStone Ventures GmbH


Karsten Noack is the expert for professional presentations. Even experienced public speakers benefit from his advice. His experiences in marketing, psychology and communication sciences are very inspiring.

Dominik Matyka
Chief Advisor DMECXO
Partner Cavalry Ventures GmbH


Karsten Noack is one of Europe’s top communication consultants and coaches. His experience and the ways to communicate it are remarkable. The combination with marketing and psychology is unique.

Rick Morrison


I asked coach Karsten Noack to help me to clarify my goals and ended up with even more. Now I got a vision, a mission and a strategy to make it happen. I stay in contact via Skype because this coaching is good for me and my business.

David Shastri


A perfect combination of empathy for each situation, incredibly fast understanding of the concrete topic and the right questions to identify, explore and implement a solution. There are few people in this world to whom you can open up like Mr. Noack.

Nils Oberschelp
Managing Director and Publishing Manager Gruner + Jahr AG & Co KG


Karsten knows what it takes to deliver a powerful speech or presentation that makes a great impact. His enthusiasm is infectious.

Ben Taylor


Loved it! Working with Karsten is always comforting, challenging and inspiring all at once. The results exeeded my expectations. With that combination of business coaching and consulting I developed my business model as quickly as possible. Thank you!

Martin Clark

Group training communication and presentations skills in Berlin


Information about the group training can be found here. The events for 2022 will follow in the next few days.

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