Prepare Your Conversations And Negotiations

Coaching & Training to make you and your offer compelling in conversations and negotiations
Prepare Your Conversations And Negotiations - Karsten Noack Coaching & Training Berlin

Prepare Your Conversations And Negotiations


Tips and assistance for the systematic preparation of important discussions and negotiations, including body language. If the result of the conversation has consequences, the professional support is worthwhile. Learn how to be prepared for your important conversations.

So let us begin anew – remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof. Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.

John F. Kennedy

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Prepare Your Conversations And Negotiations


Are you facing rather difficult negotiations with customers who are always dissatisfied and negative? Do you keep asking your boss for a raise without success? Do you need to make some clear statements or requests to your employees but do not want the working atmosphere to be damaged or tense? Are you losing sleep because well-worded eloquence is not one of your talents?  Is the up and coming interview a test to see if you will be included in the list of famous “physicists and their discoveries” or whether you should quit your business while you’re ahead?




Everywhere is Babylon …


Unfortunately, communication isn’t always easy. Sometimes we say things and then suddenly realize judging by the reaction of the person/people we’re talking to that actually what we said came across completely different. What did we really mean?

Usually, this happens during talks where we are trying to convince other people of something ﹣be it a special offer, selling yourself, selling a point of view, or some kind of necessity. But when we don’t succeed fast enough and not exactly on cue and in a clear way, others lose interest quickly and the desired attention and opportunity for sealing the deal fades. The conversation failed!




Let’s talk about it! – What I offer


To ensure that your conversations will always be a success I …

  • … make you familiar with effective communication strategies beyond the textbook
  • … give you practical tips from experience rather than just theoretical advice
  • … will help you to expand your psychological skills
  • … give you recommendations on how to handle even the most difficult customers during negotiations
  • … reveal to you how you can create a relaxed atmosphere
  • … and most importantly, how to keep calm, confident, authentic and persuasive

so you don’t need any magic tricks up your sleeves. Thereafter, your conversations will always be successful!

For those who want to play safe and learn the art of speaking and communication skills in all its aspects, I recommend the seminar: Presentation Skills I-IV.


In the right tone of voice you can say anything, in the wrong one, you cannot.

George Bernard Shaw

Your coach

For many years I have been helping people convincingly present themselves and their message. Sometimes for the stage and sometimes for a conversation. As part of the preparation for important discussions, I pass on what is important in my experience: You learn to be fully present and so fully access your skills, your knowledge, your offer. I help you so that your message is heard and understood. Benefit from my experience in marketing, psychology, and rhetoric.

Find out more about me in my profile.

Coach and trainer Karsten Noack Berlin

Just ask me personally


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What clients say


I started to work with Karsten in private one-on-one coaching and it helped me to have more meaningful conversations.

Christian Sommer
New York

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Situations for which conversation preparation is helpful


Job interview, clarification, appraisal interview, job interview, feedback interview, salary discussion, annual interview, contract extension, salary increase, target agreement, negotiations, price discussions, debates, arguments, discussions, disputes, pro-and-contra talks, consensus, dialogues, discourse, decision-making interviews, development discussions, personal interviews, cooperation talks, interviews, exchange of experiences, critical interviews, assessment centers, small-talk, stress interviews, situational interviews, multimodal interviews, standardized interviews, semi-standardized interviews, open interviews, purchasing negotiations, elevator pitch, two-way conversation, convincing talk, briefing, group discussion, meeting, meeting, mediation interview, counseling, action recommendations, project discussion, …

Basically, every conversation benefits from a professional preparation. In practice, the decision to provide professional assistance in preparing for a conversation is based on the ratio of expected benefits to outlay.

First published: March 20, 2004
Author: Karsten Noack
Revision: June 11, 2018
Translation: April 3, 2018
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