Overcome Your Stage Fright And Public Speaking Fears

May I invite you to come onto the stage and give a speech?
Overcoming Stage Fright

Letting go of stage fright and public speaking fears


Looking to lose your public speaking fears and become confident in your communication? Benefit from a powerful fear reduction process designed to help you overcome your fear of public speaking. In Berlin and online.


Losing mental balance is one thing, not reestablishing it is another.

Karsten Noack

Overcoming stage fright


Sweaty palm trees, a racing heart, a blushing face, a trembling voice… Do you suffer from stage fright?

A few hundred thousand years of evolution and our human brain still can’t tell the difference between a snarling saber-toothed tiger and the audience in front of us. It reacts with the same chemical processes in our brain and body. It is this flight or combat reaction that is supposed to secure our survival. Well meant but not very helpful.

So, please don’t run away! You would miss this great opportunity to finally face your fear of stepping out of your shadow and being the center of attention. Then you will be proud of your achievement. I know, yes, I know, I hear you say, “It’s much easier said than done, Mr. Noack,” but let me show you how it works! 

The stage is ready! May I invite you to come on stage and give a speech?


So that you shine on the stage, I support you with practical recommendations, proven techniques, and Hypnobalancing™. The coaching will help you…

  • to reduce your stage fright to a manageable level
  • to dissolve a mental block,
  • to maintain your inner balance,
  • to discover and activate hidden resources and strengths,
  • to be confident.


If you would like more information about this training, please call me – ideally before starting hyperventilation!

What clients say


Stage fright was my worst problem. Now I even enjoy public speaking because I have something important to say.

Richard Steel


I had stage fright. The training with trainer and coach Karsten Noack was accessible, filled with humor, excellent new perspective on communication methods, tricks and techniques to getting control of nerves. This helped me to overcome my fear of presenting in front of a crowd.

Helen Klein


I never, ever wanted to be in a leading position. Public speaking made me feel sick. When it came to public speaking, I stumbled on my words. But then I discovered that I have to speak up for what I believe in and a miracle happened. I wanted to change. Working with Karsten helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking.

Christie Linley


A friend of mine recommended the stage fright trainer Karsten Noack and it was great. He helped me during personal, confidential coaching sessions with my presentations in English. It was very good, I learned some really useful things and now I feel much safer in English presentations as well.

Alex Frank


When I spoke English in front of an audience, I felt like a different person. When I speak English I have a German accent and as a result I felt not powerful. I got a lot out of the training and coaching and and now I feel more confident in my skills. This increased confidence was due to the honest, open approach. I don’t suffer from stage fright any more. Not even when I present in English.

Brigitte Kraft

Your coach and…

Since 1998 I have been helping people to present themselves and their messages convincingly. During this time I have also helped many speakers with intense stage fright (and even social phobia). Because it is sometimes more than just stage fright, I also have a therapeutic approval. While working with me –​ because you want to enjoy your performances in front of your audience – you are in good hands.

Benefit from my experience in marketing, psychology, and communication.

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Just ask me personally


Let's get into a conversation. Please post any questions that may be interesting for other readers in the comments. If you are interested in coaching or training, for personal questions about that and appointments you can reach me best by e-mail (mail@karstennoack.com), phone +49(0)30 864 213 68, and mobile phone +49(0)1577 704 53 56.

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Articles about stage fright


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Q&A: Questions and answers


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers.



Does it work?

Q: Can I really overcome stage fright and my fear of public speaking?
A: Yes, I offer a personalized program that gives you the tools and techniques to become a calm and confident, effective speaker. This way you will get rid of your stage fright and enjoy your performances. You shouldn’t be satisfied with less.



Typical topics and goals

Q: What are typical topics and goals?
A: With the accumulation of over 20 years experience, I know that everyone is unique. Some typical topics and goals are:

  • Being able to think and speak clearly, concisely and confidently.
  • Being in a good mood before, during and after a speech or presentation, instead of worrying.
  • Staying sovereign even in front of a larger audience.
  • Attending meetings and interviews with self-confidence.
  • Dealing with pressure and high expectations.
  • Having a strong voice.
  • How to avoid a blackout.
  • And much more.



My calendar’s crowded

Q: I have significant demands on my time and schedule. Do you provide an alternate method to face-to-face speech coaching and training?
A: Yes, I offer one-on-one speech coaching and training via telephone and online with video. If you can’t make face-to-face sessions, I can still help you to practice and polish your public speaking skills.

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