What is better, presentation training in the group or rather in private lessons?

Suggestions for your decision on the format of training or coaching
 Presentation training in a group or rather a one-to-one training?

Presentation training as group or individual training?


Presentation skills training is offered in many formats. What is better, presentation training in the group or rather in private lessons? Here are suggestions for your decision on the format of training or coaching.






Tailor made or off the peg?


You are unique. And so should be the cooperation unique. The success factors in terms of speech, appearance and presentation may be largely the same. But, you are unique. Your personality, personal goals, experiences and the places, circumstances and purposes of your performances are unique. Why should we devote ourselves to topics that have no or only a small advantage for you? One of my instructors told me: make the difference that makes the most interesting difference!

That’s why none of the training and coaching I do is the same. I always design them to suit the participants.




The first choice is usually individual training and coaching


What could be more intense than working directly with the coach or coach? Individual training and coaching allow you to work on exactly what is relevant for you. In the way that suits you best.




Advantages of individual training and coaching



1. In private


Especially for people in responsible positions, the opportunity to exchange views is of particular value. Constantly under observation and the high responsibility costs force. Without further witnesses it is much easier to open up and to deal with targeted feedback.




2. Specific goals


The further you are on your way, the more special your topics, your goals are. Proven course plans will give you clues as to what’s of interest to you. But in individual training, we focus on what has the desired benefits for you. You decide!




3. Personal strengths and potential


With your strengths, you have come to where you are today. And they deserve the same promotion, as your potential.




4. Own target groups


To convincingly present yourself and your message only if it suits you and your audience. We have enough time and space for us in private.




5. Intensity


You get the full attention. Everything is focused on you. Does that sound good?




6. Flexibility


In terms of content and time you are much more flexible. The duration and time intervals are determined based on your resources and recommendations. So there is enough time to internalize the impressions.




7. Discretion


For some participants quite an issue that wants to be considered; discretion. Especially, who is in the public prefers a protected private frame.




Why do I offer group training at all?


I offer group training because they are in demand. Many participants wish to learn in a group. A common reason is the desired feedback from other participants. From a coach’s point of view, however, the feedback is often not so conducive and even requires additional effort. Qualified feedback in 1: 1 sessions is much more helpful.




Not sure yet, which fits better?


Do you want to talk with me about your goals and concerns? Then just give me a call or send me a message.

Just ask me personally

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What do you pay attention to when choosing your training and coaching? Do you prefer groups or individual sessions?

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  1. If it wouldn’t be so much more expensive I would prefer having my own personal trainer. Why should I bother about issues I am not interested.


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This article is a short excerpt from the more comprehensive course materials my clients receive in a group or individual training or coaching.

Published: June 21, 2001
Author: Karsten Noack
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