Get into the ideal mental state with Hypnobalancing™

Discard legacy, recognize and activate strengths, gain insights and clarity, promote condition and charisma.



Hypnobalancing™ helps to work on subconscious topics and to achieve goals. It is a powerful method. With Hypnobalancing™ you can dispose of old burdens, recognize and activate strengths, gain insights and clarity, promote condition and charisma. Find out more here.



Many people know that they are unhappy.
But even more people do not know that they are happy.

Albert Schweitzer


There are many descriptions of unpleasant states and especially one in which we can’t access our resources: standing beside ourselves, not being in the middle, not being in balance, being beside ourselves, etc. The desirable state is described as being centered, resting in oneself, …

Hypnobalancing™ promotes this mental state. With Hypnobalancing™, you can release concerns, recognize and activate your strengths, gain insights and clarity, promote a constructive attitude and charisma. That facilitates much in life and lets you enjoy the moment.





Why Hypnobalancing™


Hypnobalancing™ was developed at the beginning of the millennium as solution-focused psychotherapy. It emerged from flexible-cooperative hypnotherapy and the combination with additional methods. It is inspired by the so-called partial work, the transactional analysis helpful for the consideration of the solution level, by Focusing (Gene Gendlin) and the self-relationship therapy of Stephen Gilligan, the energetic psychology, breath training as well as enriched by elements of NLP.

Today, Hypnobalancing™ is also successfully used in mental training.




Promotion of mental self-organization skills


By combining proven methods, Hypnobalancing™ has a harmonizing effect on body and mind, harmonizes them, and makes us more agile. In this state of balance, health is a natural inner state, a state in which challenges can be solved more easily because the perception of one’s resources is enhanced.

The conviction that the human psyche is capable of self-organization processes is characteristic of Hypnobalancing™. The purpose of the sessions is to provide the appropriate space for these self-organization processes. If restrictive convictions are resolved, the previously bound energies are released and are now available for constructive life design.




Perception, thinking, and acting


Decisive for positive change is how a person deals with himself inwardly. It is helpful to be able to include physical sensations and not to orientate oneself exclusively on supposedly logical thoughts. If this ability is promoted, it has a very significant influence on perception, thinking, and action.

Hypnobalancing™ makes thinking and acting more productive, creative, supportive, and encouraging. The inner balance achieved is a resource that can be used in many ways, as personal changes are easier in this attitude. The achieved state of inner equilibrium is very helpful in itself because it makes it easier to find solutions, and the design and implementation of these solutions gain momentum.

A Chinese proverb says, “If the roots are deep, you don’t have to fear the wind.”




Applications and forms of the Hypnobalancing™


Ursprünglich für den Einsatz bei Ängsten und Angststörungen entwickelt, hat sich Hypnobalancing™ auch in anderen Bereichen als sehr wirksam erwiesen. Es existieren heute verschiedene methodische Formen des Hypobalancing™, wie beispielsweise das 6 Phasen Hypnobalancing™ und Deep Hypnobalancing™.




Deep Hypnobalancing™


It is difficult to find happiness in us, and it is quite impossible to find it elsewhere.

Nicolas Chamfort


Deep Hypnobalancing™ is a technique of Hypnobalancing™. In this variant, particularly deep trance states are created. These pleasant states are used for solutions on a deep level and to promote personal balance harmoniously.

Deep Hypnobalancing™ uses few targeted suggestions for change when reaching this deep trance state, it primarily uses the state as such. The perceptible inner balance is experienced as very pleasant. The achieved balance opens up resources that can be used many times over because in this state access and reorganization are easier.

Typical topics


  • Know your live purpose
    Being stuck in inability to act or disorientation frustrated leads to a dissatisfied life, far from the possibilities.
  • Motivation
    Resolve blockages by uncovering the causes
  • Fears
    Fears for the future, stage fright, speech anxiety, etc.
  • Self-sabotage
  • Mobbing
  • Burnout
  • Self-confidence
  • Creativity
  • Exam situations
  • Change
  • Performance
  • Recognition of one’s own strengths and talents
  • Stress

What happens during Hypnoblancing?


What exactly happens during a session depends on the situation. Every person is different.

The Hypnobalancing™ uses goal-oriented traditional and modern hypnosis techniques with light, medium and very deep trance. A variety of methods of flexible-cooperative hypnotherapy, such as Hypnobalancing™, are combined with techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other proven methods of mental training. All these techniques have a harmonizing effect on the body and psyche. They accelerate the process of achieving individual goals. In a guided trance the mind has more possibilities to access personal resources. Restrictive and blocking beliefs from the past are revealed and changed. Positive beliefs are then strengthened.

Your hypno coach


What is a hypno coach? This is a very experienced coach with appropriate training in hypnotherapy and experience in mental training. In my case, there are a few more training courses to be added. For some topics of clients an appropriate admission to the practice of psychotherapy is required. I have obtained this admission.

My profile gives you more information about the background I use to practice effective hypno coaching. Trance and mental training have accompanied me since I was 16 years old and have helped me very well.

Just ask me personally


Please post any questions that may interest other readers in the comments. Are you looking for professional support?

If you are interested in coaching, training, or consulting, for organizational questions and to make an appointment, you can reach me best by e-mail ( You can reach me by telephone at +49(0)30 864 213 68 and mobile phone at +49(0)1577 704 53 56 from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 18:00. Most of the time I am in sessions, so please leave a message with your phone number in Germany, then. Please remember to be very specific about the reason for your call. I will call you back as soon as possible. The privacy policy can be found here.

Transparency is important. Therefore you will find answers to frequently asked questions already here, for example about me (profile), the services, the fees, and getting to know me. If this suits you, I look forward to working with you.



Do you have private or occupational blockages and would like to give your life a desirable, happy and successful direction or want to reach a particularly ambitious goal?


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Concentration is goal-oriented motivation.

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