Make a trip to Berlin for coaching or training?

What are the benefits of traveling to Berlin? There are at least seven good reasons


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Which coaching and training format is the most recommendable?


To select:

  • Training and coaching one-on-one in Berlin
  • I travel to you
  • By phone or internet with video support




Either way; Face to Face


Due to time constraints, my clients are increasingly using meetings via the Internet and video support. One-on-one that’s a good thing. However, there are issues and situations that benefit from a personal encounter. It may seem like a contradiction at first glance, but just the itinerary helps to deal with more intensively and a topic.




At least seven good reasons to come to Berlin



1. Weigh what’s important


At first, mainly participants of the nationwide workshops, came to Berlin for coaching with me.

Why? It is often more of a concession; If I want exactly the coaching or training, the coach or coach, that Iike then I have to travel. The extra effort is initially more accepted rather than welcomed. Even though Berlin already has a certain traction as a destination.




2. Traveling provides a contribution


Traveling takes time and effort. Interestingly, I receive a lot of feedback form my clients that the journey itself contributes something special. It’s time to pause, reflect, sort the thoughts and …




3. Change of perspective


Most clients report that the change of location brings some advantages for them. The spatial distance to the workday and place of work helps to take a distance from well-established ways of thinking and behaving. So it is easier to explore new perspectives and harness them.




4. Inspiration


Each place provides different inspirations, suggestions and insights. Especially in Berlin this is true. I love to use those possibilities in conjunction with the individual goals of coaching. The opposite zoological garden and the Tiergarten have already supported many processes. The venues of the group trainings are also in the vicinity of the Gedächtniskirche or Friedrichstraße.




5. Concentration instead of distraction


Here is enough time available for the preparation and follow-up. This is in particular an advantage for those who allow themselves to switch off he mobile phone.

Beyond your office you can focus much better than if someone with a particularly urgent concern constantly provides distraction. Especially at meetings in companies, this belongs more to the common distraction, rather than being an exception.




6. Preparation


If you plan your appointments early enough, a preparatory session via the internet with video support is a good idea. This way you get the maximum benefit from your trip to Berlin.




7. Arrival and departure


Many roads lead to Berlin. With Tegel we still have an airport in the city. Many also come by train. Either way; The rooms where the coaching often takes place are located next to the Gedächtniskirche in the immediate vicinity of the Bahnhof Zoo with connections to Berlin Hauptbahnhof and the Airport Express for Tegel and Schönefeld. Take a break from everyday work. When you arrive at my place, you are already attuned to the coaching session or training. And after the session, you have time to think about the work and how it supports you. A good prerequisite for working together on your topic and transferring thoughts ans skills into practice.




8. …

Think Twice Before You Do A Media Interview

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