The strength of character and how to cultivate it. 20 factors

Stand up for your own personality. This is how you foster strength of character. That's part of it...
Hints for strength of character

What is part of the strength of character?


Do you stand up for yourself and your concerns, are you true to your values even when there is a headwind? This article is about 20 elements of character strength and how to cultivate them.

Character and strength of character


The character describes a person, shows how someone actually is. The character influences significantly how a person is perceived by others.

If a person is considered to have the strength of character, this is meant admiringly. It is about the number of positive character traits, especially the moral attitude.

Those who do not disappear uniformly in the masses attract attention and may encounter resistance. Some people are frightened by this. What about you?

Do you stand up for yourself and your concerns, are you committed to your values, even when there is resistance? Those who cultivate strength of character are more successful and live a more fulfilling, self-determined life.

What are the building blocks of character strength, and how can we cultivate it?

20 factors: What is part of the strength of character?


Here are 20 factors that contribute to the strength of character.

1. Curiosity


Healthy curiosity, in the sense of being interested, is a daily motivator that keeps us active and therefore more agile. The desire for knowledge is physically and mentally demanding, makes us more sociable and happier. Without curiosity as a drive, there is no learning, no wisdom.




2. An own opinion


Not all of us allow ourselves our own opinion, even fewer people are prepared to stand for their own opinion with self-confidence. Insecure people tend to assimilate in order not to attract negative attention. The fear of rejection and conflicts slows down or paralyzes some people, they are hiding themselves and their opinions.




3. Courage


People of weak character are fickle, orienting themselves to the least resistance. They give way at the slightest pressure and prefer to bend rather than bite.

If necessary, personalities with strong character dare to take a bold standpoint for something. They are also not afraid to lead the way, to venture out of the anonymous mass and the comfort zone.




4. Knowing the own strengths


It helps us to be aware of our strengths in a healthy way. Those who know their strengths can cultivate them and use them more effectively.




5. Knowing the own weaknesses


Knowing your weaknesses enables you to make better decisions. The willingness to dedicate oneself to personal development and, if necessary, to make peace with the fact that something cannot be turned into a strength despite all the effort involved, helps.




6. Loyalty


Loyalty requires personality. Loyalty means faithfulness and reliability. It is expressed towards spouses, friends, family, employers, etc.
Loyalty may also require you to put your interests aside for the benefit of others.

People of strong character know their values and priorities and pay attention to ethical behavior. They are also prepared to tread uncomfortable paths.




7. Honesty


Honesty and sincerity are important virtues. With honesty, we combine reliability, commitment, and openness. To be truthful about what is said, even when it is uncomfortable, requires strength of character.




8. Willingness to take responsibility


The willingness to take responsibility also includes admitting mistakes. People with strong minds take full responsibility for their actions and learn from the feedback instead of trying to use excuses. This sometimes includes the willingness and ability to apologize when it is time to do so.




9. Patience


Constructive patience is a powerful quality of a strong personality. This includes the willingness to remain true to oneself despite short-term rewards and temptations. Only this way, it is to master greater challenges.

10. To know our priorities and values


People of strong character know their priorities and remain true to themselves and their values. I know from most people of strong character that they deal with philosophical issues. They wouldn’t call it that personally, but they are dedicated to higher goals and visions. This has a very strengthening effect on the personality.




11. Willingness to stand up for other people


The willingness to stand up for other people, even if it involves personal disadvantages, requires strength. Promises can be made, but doing it is not so common.




12. Self-reflection


Self-reflection paves the way for personal development where other people obstruct themselves. Self-reflection fosters learning and good decisions. Those who know themselves well are much harder to manipulate and live their own lives. This frees and activates potential.




13. Be at peace with oneself


Bruises, unprocessed traumas, and limiting beliefs make us more vulnerable to manipulation. Those who are occupied with themselves unnecessarily are distracted. Being mentally tidy promotes focus, more resources are available for important tasks.

Being at peace with oneself makes life easier; thinking and acting are congruent. Actions arise from their own decisions, which in turn are based on their values. Decisions are not externally controlled or based on deficits.




14. Not having to prove anything


Having nothing to prove is so liberating. Where some dazzlers loudly offer more illusion than reality, the personalities of strong characters do not have to prove anything. Another reason why people of strong character can be more authentic and relaxed.




15. Focus


Those who are engaged everywhere hardly get anywhere and sooner or later become tired. Some tasks deserve to be given the appropriate attention. This requires priorities and focus.




16. Being present


Being in the present sounds easier than it is sometimes. Some people prefer to reminisce about the highlights of the past. Others dream of a distant paradise-like future instead of working on it. There is not much to recognize of attentive contact with other people.




17. Benevolence


Strong people can wish other people good luck and treat them well. Strong personalities are not afraid of other people achieving something.

Weak ones are often afraid that other people’s successes will set them back themselves. This is particularly evident with narcissists.




18. Keep pushing


Setbacks or even traumatic experiences can be painful. They can leave behind serious injuries and break people. However, they can also promote immense personal growth.

Strong people are resilient and take setbacks as feedback. They learn from it and start again. Each experience is a chance to get closer to their goal.




19. Indulgence


To stand firm for oneself and one’s convictions are compatible with considering other points of view, exchanging views respectfully, complementing one another, learning. People of strong character are self-confident and this allows benevolence towards other people, while insecure people try to protect themselves and their position through ignorance. People make mistakes, and it is good to forgive oneself and others for that.




20. Creating instead of being a victim


It requires strength of character to continue upright even in strong headwinds. People who are focused on the possibilities remain more constructive than those who consider themselves victims of the circumstances.

How can character strength be cultivated?


The mentioned character traits provide the direction. In coaching, I take a closer look at the status and goals of my clients. This is often very personal when personal development is meant seriously. Then we proceed step by step, mentally and concretely. The strength of character can be cultivated in many ways. The important thing is to live character strength.

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Do you pay attention to your strength of character? Do you stand up for yourself and others, your values, and your concerns, even when there is a strong headwind? How authentically do you act?


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