Opinion making needs reliable information

Long live the freedom of speech, especially if it is practised respectfully.

Information as a foundation for opinion-forming


Instead of blindly adopting opinions, it is worth investing in your own opinions. But where does the information come from?

Opportunities to form your own opinion


Long live the freedom of speech, especially if it is practiced respectfully. Different viewpoints can be very enriching. Diversity can help us to form our own opinions. Who has a monopoly on wisdom?

When analyzing information, however, it is also worth taking a more critical look at the origin. It only takes a moment and can be very enlightening. Far too often I read about news that comes from well-known propaganda sources. This is another reason why it is worthwhile to allow a few thoughts about the specific interests. Instead of blindly adopting opinions, it is worth investing in your own opinions.

Let us think for ourselves!



How do you deal with the information that is intended to help you form your own opinion?


  1. How do you want to know that something is true?

    • It requires time and effort to check the sources and coherences.


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Published:May 2, 2020
Author: Karsten Noack
Revision: May 2, 2020
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