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Narcissists cause immense damage in many places. A bad childhood and many other reasons may have been the trigger for this. But because I deal with the consequences for other people every day, I focus on helping those affected.

Help in dealing with narcissists


Usually, the damage is already caused, or at least foreseeable, when clients contact me about narcissists. What I can do then is to inform them about the mechanisms and options. Your personal condition is affected by the unbearable situations and you need a stable mental balance to make and implement good decisions. Narcissists sometimes develop impressive acting skills and are masters of manipulation. It is difficult to take care of oneself and one’s own legitimate interests. This is where you get support from me. When dealing with narcissists, every detail counts. Accordingly, the preparation for any communication with them is very important.

As much as I would like to help with the many requests from those affected, I keep the number of voluntary consultations at a level that is manageable for me.

If you are looking for professional support (in the areas I offer and this does not include any legal advice), we can arrange an appointment.

Either you come to my office in Berlin or we can have a telephone session or use a video conferencing system. This has proven to be very effective. Thanks to an instant bank transfer, it is even possible to book appointments at short notice.

Transparency is important, therefore you can find the fees here.

Not everyone affected has the financial means for this, that’s obvious to me. You can then at least use the comment function to exchange ideas with other affected people. Sometimes I also answer questions there. However, my days are full of working hours and I hope you will understand this. I am aware of the suffering that often results from contact with narcissists. If you would like help in dealing with narcissists, you will find more information here.




Typical topics of my clients


  • “My superior is a narcissist.”
  • “We have a narcissist in a leadership position at the company.”
  • “My colleague is a narcissist.”
  • “As investors, we have problems with a narcissist.”
  • “I am/was in a relationship with a narcissist.”
  • “My father is a narcissist.”
  • “A business associate has narcissistic tendencies.”
  • “How do we identify narcissists before we hire them?”
  • “How do I communicate with narcissists?”
  • “An important conversation or negotiation with a narcissist requires careful preparation.”
  • “Help, how am I going to decide?”
  • “I suffer emotionally from a narcissist.”
  • “I want a trained conversational partner and an experienced coach, for feedback, additional perspectives.”
  • “Am I a narcissist?”
  • “How do I disengage with narcissists?”


Narcissists in leadership positions

Why are so many narcissists in leadership positions and what are the consequences?

Narcissists and feedback

Narcissists and feedback

People make mistakes and can learn from them. With narcissists this is unlikely. Even to harmless and cautious feedback, narcissists respond as if it were harsh inappropriate criticism.

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17 signs that someone is a manipulator

17 signs that someone is a manipulator

Not every attempt to manipulate us is obvious. Especially the professional manipulators learn how to hide their intentions. Unfortunately, there are a lot of those manipulators in business and private life. Learn how to recognize manipulators.

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36 indications to identify narcissists

36 indications to identify narcissists

Narcissists are driven primarily by power, fame, and recognition. That’s not bad, right? If there weren’t so many people with narcissistic tendencies, there wouldn’t be many achievements and world records. However, we would not have to suffer from many disadvantages. As fascinating as narcissists may seem at first glance, they are in reality selfish and emotionally cold. Only their self-pity is boundless. Only the others make mistakes.

In the article, you will learn how to identify narcissists.

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