Coaching, Consulting And Training By Phone Or Online With Video

Information on coaching, consulting and training by telephone or online with video support
Online Sessions With Video

Consulting, coaching and individual training on the phone or via the internet with video


Sometimes a personal meeting is not possible. In such cases, telephone coaching or coaching with video via the internet is an alternative or addition. So you are even more flexible.


Coaching and training by telephone or online with video support


Sometimes a personal meeting is not possible. In such cases, telephone coaching offers itself as an alternative or supplement. This way you are even more flexible.


There are several advantages of coaching and training by phone and via the internet with video support:

  • Flexibility
    High flexibility in scheduling appointments.
  • Discretion
    The private and secure place you choose to be during the sessions will assure complete confidentiality. You will be able to enjoy the session without having to worry about third parties watching or listening. No one will know who you are talking to.
  • Location independence
    The sessions can also take place when we live in different parts of Germany, in different countries or even different time zones.
  • No traveling is required
    It avoids the need for you or me to travel, which saves time and expenses. The search for a parking space is not necessary either.
  • Short and intensive sessions (at least 15 minutes) are possible. The minimum booking unit is 60 minutes.
  • Spontaneous appointments
    It is easier to arrange spontaneous appointments when it is urgent. Life is full of surprises. How good it is to have a coach when you need one.





How to use the telephone and online sessions


It is easy to send the fee for your session. Thanks to the instant bank transfer offered by many banks, this can be done within 15 minutes. Then we arrange a time for our session. Call me at the scheduled time. The telephone number reserved for you will be sent to you after receipt of the payment together with the confirmation. There is also the possibility of coaching or training online with video support. If you would like my help, please ask me personally.

The sessions will be held in German and English.


Just ask me personally


Let's get into a conversation. Please post any questions that may be interesting for other readers in the comments. If you are interested in coaching or training, for personal questions about that and appointments you can reach me best by e-mail (, phone +49(0)30 864 213 68, and mobile phone +49(0)1577 704 53 56.

Please read the information about the privacy policy.

What clients say


Coach Karsten is an ideal fit for me as he is an exceptional listener. I was concerned about doing coaching over the phone but have profited from it in so many ways. I highly recommend Karsten as a business coach.

Laura Gruber


Simply put, Karsten reduces the negative beliefs and habits that hinder great performance! Even over the phone, it’s like he’s with me.

Leonor Belz


Coaching via the phone made it easier for me, to be completely honest with him from the beginning. Also, we never met in person it was easy to trust him and speak with him about very personal matters. He is professional and open-minded, a very positive personality with lots of enthusiasm, which automatically had an energizing impact on me. I achieved greater clarity and confidence, along with an action plan and a strategy personalized to my privat and career goals.  

Patrick Haas


I can’t believe how much my beliefs about myself and my situation could change in less than an hour. Thank you!

Richard Adams


I want to thank you for your valuable training and the tips you gave me during the online sessions. My presentations at the annual meeting was very well received and everyone said they liked it. I took your recommendation on how to avoid stage fright and therefore felt sovereign and authentic. 

Armin Bergmann

Published: March 1, 2006
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