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Online Sessions With Video

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Telephone Coaching and Online Sessions with video support


Sometimes a personal meeting is not possible. In such cases, telephone coaching offers itself as an alternative or addition. So you are even more flexible.


There are a number of advantages of coaching by phone and through the internet with video:

  • Flexible time choice.
    Telephone coaching is very enjoyable.
    You will be able to be yourself in private and have more fun doing it.
    You will be able to enjoy the moment without concern for others watching or listening.
  • Location-independent.
    Coaching sessions can take place even when we live in different parts of Germany or in different countries.
  • No journey and parking lot search required.
    It avoids the need for you or me to travel, saving time and expense.
  • Short and intensive session units (minimum 15 minutes), minimum booking unit is one hour.
  • Spontaneous appointments.
  • Phone coaching helps to create focus and achieve positive results for you since external distractions such as might occur in a public meeting place are avoided.
    Telephone coaching is very confidential.
  • The private and secure place you choose to be during the sessions will assure complete confidentiality.
    No one will know who you are talking to.





How to use Telephone Coaching and Online Sessions


It’s easy to transfer the fee for your session online. Then we arrange a point of time for our session. At the scheduled time you call me. You get in advance the phone number reserved for you together with the confirmation. There are also possibilities to do the coaching online with video support.

The sessions are in German and English.