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Classical coaching and training on how to present yourself and your message
Classical coaching and training on how to present yourself and your message - Personal Coaching and Business Coaching in Berlin

Personal Coaching and Business Coaching


The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay

Coaching as miracle weapon or …?


It seems I’ve actually used this page to define coaching by what it is not. And, since I am writing the introduction at the end, this becomes obvious to me. In fact, what coaching does in practice is very much influenced by those involved. The interaction between coach and coachee is always unique. A first meeting will definitely be enlightening about what I mean.

What is coaching?


Once upon a time … When I became acquainted with the term coaching, it was still undefiled in Germany. At the turn of the millennium that changed; the completely new or at least unfamiliar form of support became more and more popular. And as is so often the case with trends, many wanted to be part of it, to benefit from it – many as providers of some kind. Since then, the term coaching means everything and nothing, it is used inflationary. Sometimes the coach is more of a consultant, therapist, sometimes a motivational guru, a mentor and sometimes he is even in a more exotic role. Nearly every branch use the term coaching now. The closest thing to the original idea of coaching is what I now call classic coaching.

The agony of choice: mentoring, training, advice or really coaching?


Long live the freedom of choice:


Always act in a way that increases the number of choices.

Heinz von Foerster




Which way leads to the desired goal?


Do you want to personally develop yourself, make good decisions, master challenges, improve your situation? How? There is, for example, coaching in a variety of forms, training, counseling and mentoring. And then there are the many different names: Coaching, life coaching, personal coaching, personality coaching, business coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching, entrepreneur coaching, NLP coaching, systemic coaching, career coaching, mental coaching, philosophical coaching, brief coaching, lunch coaching. Well, which way to choose?






  • Advice: An expert reveals how to do it.
  • Training: A trainer teaches skills through practice.
  • Mentoring: A role model accompanied by experience and networks.
  • Coaching: systemic coaching, classical coaching, NLP coaching, …




One option: classic coaching


Classical coaching helps you clarify the situation and to choose the right solutions for you. Classic? In fact, much of what is now called coaching is not coaching, but rather training, counseling or mentoring. This may be alright because depending on the topic and goal, all these ways are justified and you have the choice! Here are a few thoughts to help you decide.




Characteristics and advantages of classic coaching


Compared to the other options, there are rarely any direct solution recommendations in classic coaching. Here your self-reflection is in the center, your perception ability is increased. Instead of getting ready-made solutions, You get helpful questions leading you to your own answers. With support, you explore the perspectives, gain additional insights, and thus recognize the variety of options for action yourself. This makes it easier for you to take on responsibility, to decide freely, to shape it.





Is classical coaching better than other support? It depends on what you intend and what is the right path for you personally. You have a choice when to choose which option in which combination for which goal. Know your priorities. When we work together, we clarify the framework. Enjoy that there are options, use the best ways for you and your goals.

Typical topics when my clients come to me

If you want to move the world, you should first move yourself.



Well then go:




Goals of my coaching clients


  • Coaching for Your Decision Making
    Decisions are often the occasion for coaching. Although I do not take that from you as a coach, decision-making makes it easier to make good decisions.
  • Activate your own potentials
    We gain so much experience over time, but in some situations, we can not access it. Knowledge and skills are waiting to be recognized and deployed.
  • Prepare important conversations
    Whether in private or business life; some conversations have relevant consequences. It is always good to be well-prepared for a conversation, but some situations require special attention.
  • Shaping the future
    Where do you want to go? What should be retained, what should be released, what changed or redesigned? What lures you out of bed?
  • Personal development
    If you know yourself well, you have a good starting point for your own further development.
  • Build and maintain relationships
    Use the power of relationships. Build a network.
  • Stop self-sabotage, resolve fears
    Many of the painful experiences, or the beliefs developed from them, interfere in later stages of life. Very often people do not reach their goals – or do not set any desirable ones – because they sabotage themselves mentally.
  • Master life crises and change
    Nobody is immune from changes and strokes of fate. Master life crises, overcome losses, realign oneself. This is easier with a coach.
  • Constructively resolve personal conflicts
  • Gain freedom of choice through a systematic approach and the right attitude.
  • Stop damaging and debilitating behavior
    Even helpful patterns of thinking and behavior may eventually become antiquated.
  • Constructively deal with setbacks
    How do you learn from feedback and move forward?
  • Career planning
    Clarity about strategies for your career and career decisions.

Your coach

Since 1998 I am self-employed as trainer and coach. Until then, the term coach and coaching in Germany were largely unknown. Since then, I have remained faithful to the idea, even though I have specialized in helping people present themselves and their message convincingly.

Coaching is based on a very personal cooperation. That’s why you can learn more about me on these pages and in my profile.

Coach and trainer Karsten Noack Berlin

Just ask me personally


Let's get into a conversation. Please post any questions that may interest other readers in the comments. If you are interested in coaching or training, for personal questions about that and appointments you can reach me by e-mail (, phone +49(0)30 864 213 68 and mobile phone +49(0)1577 704 53 56. You can also use this contact form. Please read the information about the privacy policy.


Karsten Noack

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What clients say


Karsten has helped me with coaching get to the next level both professionally and personally. The tools, feedback, and candid conversations during our executive coaching sessions have had a profound impact on me. He helped me see things from different perspectives and always invited me to evaluate if what I’m doing will help me reach my goals. I found the coaching incredibly helpful!

Mark Baumann


The coaching helped me to clarify my own mind. Now I know what is really important to me – personally and in my career.  I am impressed by what I got out of our sessions and found it to be very useful. Karsten offers a very good approach to coaching professionals.

Rita Fisher



Over the course of a few months now, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Karsten on an important project. Karsten is both an empathetic and insightful executive coach and an experienced marketing consultant who really gets to know you and your unique style. He has worked closely with me to strengthen my presentation and leadership abilities.

Enrique Poch



Karsten has an ability that one must simply experience to fully understand. He helped me with his empathetic and professional coaching to achieve some challenging personal and career goals. He accompanied me through an inspiring process that has allowed me to experience life more fully while establishing my business. I now know who I am, who I am not and have a much clearer notion of the path that I want to follow.

Sandra Davies



What do you mean by coaching and what do you expect from coaching worthwhile for you?


  1. It doesn’t matter whether it is more coaching or training, as long it helps me.


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