Leadership Presence: Define it, Develop It, and Use It

Increase your leadership presence so that you and your messages are convincing.
Increase your leadership presence so that you and your messages are convincing.

Leadership presence


Effective leadership requires knowledge, expertise, and trustworthiness. Equally, vital to your success as a leader is how you are perceived. Increase your leadership presence so that you and your messages are convincing.


Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde

Leadership presence


Effective leadership requires knowledge, expertise and trustworthiness, but equally vital to your success as a leader is the way in which you are perceived.

One component of achieving leadership success is how you present yourself. Therefore, I offer that coaching for leadership presence to help you present yourself in a clear, confident, polished and authentic manner that demonstrates leadership excellence – whether it’s to the board, executive team, senior management, staff, clients, the public or media.




What I offer


As a leader, you are always in the spotlight. Therefore, it is good to be authentic and sovereign. To constantly pretend and act instead of maintaining one’s own comfort zone would be too exhausting. As a coach and trainer, I’ll help you to …

  • define your profile and position yourself clearly.
  • know your values  and priorities.
  • develop a clear strategy on how to represent yourself in your professional life
  • speak spontaneously and with credibility
  • work out your relevant strengths
  • communicate with clarity and authority
  • use convincing strategies to motivate and effect change
  • monitor your body language and eye contact
  • use your body language authentically and expressively.
  • use your voice effectively
  • present in front of different audiences and in the media


What I offer in one sentence: I help you to convince as a personality and with your messages.

I support you in individual sessions. And if you like, I can even help you implement all of this.

Your coach

Since 1998 I support people in presenting themselves and their offer convincingly. Before that, I was a manager with a focus on marketing. I have already experienced far too many people who thought the quality of their offer was sufficient. I admire such honest people. But that ignores reality. If you are convinced of your offer, you should also present it accordingly. The message and the messenger cannot be separated.​ That is why I am helping you so that you and your offer are convincingly presented. Benefit from my experience in marketing, psychology, and communication.

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Published: March 25, 2008
Author: Karsten Noack
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