Motto of the day

A daily motto for personal development

The motto of the day


Find out why I recommend a motto to you every day and how you personally benefit from it.

Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.

Aldous Huxley


Give the day a motto and …


If we can’t add more days to life, then at least we can add more quality of life to the days. But how?

By giving each day a motto, I devote myself thoughtfully to a particular aspect.

The energy flows to where the attention is. And that is where the motto of the day comes in. Personal development through daily inspiration.

Based on my own experience, I know that the motto of the day contributes to personal development. Depending on how the respective thought is used; a daily motto is inspiring and helpful.

Everyone can make his own experience with it. On this occasion, I like to share my observations and recommendations.




Good questions


Ask yourself constructive questions like the following and you will personally benefit from each motto of the day:

  • What triggers the topic in you?
  • Under what circumstances do you agree with the statement and when not?
  • What is the significance of the statement for you?
  • How can the motto of the day enrich your life?
  • In what context could the statement be useful?
  • Where and when do you want to remember it and how?




When we disagree


There is often something personal to learn from quotations with which we disagree.

Helpful questions in such a case are:

  • What do you specifically disagree with?
  • Do you think the statement is generally not helpful or only not suitable for you personally?
  • Which aspect is worth taking a closer look at?




Where to find a daily motto?


And where does the motto of the day come from?

Choose a motto for yourself or pick the most suitable quotations you can find. Have a look at those on my homepage. Either way, a daily motto can be very rewarding. Your perspective will unfold the potential.

Who wants to subscribe to the daily motto as an RSS feed can do this here:

Poll results


I gained experience with a daily motto and …


... it was good for me.


... a motto has not paid off for me.

Non-representative survey on (2018, n=792)

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Did I motivate you to choose your daily motto? Or do you already have experience with it?


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If we can not give our lives more days,
we can at least give it more quality. Karsten Noack

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