The truth about abundance

Motto of the day*. Abundance is one of those things that many people desire. How about you?
Not what we have 
but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.




Abundance? What is abundance and how can you enjoy it?

If money cannot buy happiness…


It is such a cliché, but it is true: money cannot buy happiness. It can influence happiness since it can afford us necessities, a comfortable lifestyle, and opportunities that may increase our overall life satisfaction. But money, in itself, is not the abundance we seek. For some, too little money leads to unhappiness. For others, too much money complicates life in undesired ways. Regardless of how much money comes into our lives, after our basic needs are met, an increase in income does not lead to more happiness.






Abundance is one of those things that many people want. For some, it seems to come easily and with little effort, and for others, it seems entirely out of range. For many people it appears within their grasp; however, time and time again they fall short of achieving it. The perspective through which we view abundance can impact how we cultivate it, or in some cases block it.

Abundance is all around us. Limited perception of abundance prevents us from acknowledging all the blessings that had fallen into our lives. It doesn’t have to manifest as money. Abundance is a direct result of gratitude.






Gratitude helps you tune into the simpler pleasures in life, the small miracles, the glimpses of beauty that you would have missed otherwise. Gratitude makes you smile more because it intensifies your joy. It’s that strong feeling of fulfillment and contentment you experience when you think about something or someone you are blessed to have in your life. With your mindset of gratitude, you will have the clarity to truly enjoy all that life is blessing you with.

Let that day be lost to us on which we did not dance once. (Friedrich Nietzsche)



I select the motto of the day mostly because something about it appeals to me. Something attracts me or irritates me. It feels as if it could contain something and I want to get to the root of it. So I dedicate a motto to each day and let myself be surprised what it has to offer me.

Sometimes the reason for the choice clarifies itself only after a while. That's why the thoughts about the motto of the day are often not articles, but associations. They are thoughts transformed into words. They are spontaneous and I also publish them frequently while I am traveling. They, therefore, tend to appear in fragments. Feel invited to add your associations in the comments. Enrich the thoughts with your perspectives – to complete the picture.




How do you benefit best from the motto of the day?


Ask yourself constructive questions like the following and you will personally benefit from each motto of the day:


  • What triggers the topic in you?
  • Under what circumstances do you agree with the statement and when not?
  • What is the significance of the statement for you?
  • How can the motto of the day enrich your life?
  • In what context could the statement be useful?
  • Where and when do you want to remember it and how?



And what can I do if I disagree with a motto? There is often something personal to learn from quotations with which we disagree. Helpful questions in such a case are:


  • What do you specifically disagree with?
  • Do you think the statement is generally not helpful or only not suitable for you personally?
  • Which aspect is worth taking a closer look at?

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One of the quickest and easiest ways to allow abundance into your life is by deliberately focusing more on gratitude. What do you think?


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