Are You A Hero Or A Mere Dreamer?

Dreaming isn't enough without action


Are You A Hero Or A Mere Dreamer?
Are You A Hero Or A Mere Dreamer?

Walk your talk


Dreaming is a good starting point for a challenging journey.  Wishful thinking and voluntary daydreaming can occasionally make dreams come true. Unrealistic projects, improbable ventures, and unfeasible missions can sometimes be achieved through conscious dreaming. At times, dreams can be an inspiration and generate creative reflections. But dreaming isn’t enough when no action follows. Wishful thinking is hoping for something and waiting for someone else to make it happen.




A dreamer may become a hero


Choice of action over wishful thinking. Action separates the heroes from the cowards, the achievers from the complainers, the successful from the mere dreamers, the happy from the envious. Actions separate those who rise to the challenge of their goals from the passive ones. So many are stuck in wishful thinking and hide behind excuses instead of speaking up and doing something to make the world a better place. Everyone needs something to aim for. It doesn’t matter if you call it a chaos he or a goal. It makes us human, it helps us to realize our true self. We grow with our tasks and challenges.




How about you?


Are you a mere dreamer, a wishful thinker or a hero? It is your decision! Make a positive difference. And just as a reminder: Your values are your WHY, your actions are you HOW and your goal is your WHAT. Be a hero, because we need a lot of them!