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Props in presentations


So, I’ll see how much I want to hold back, because props are one of my favorites in speeches and presentations. When used thoughtfully, they work wonders on the audience.

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Attention during speeches and presentations


If you want to be convincing in a speech or presentation, you need the attention of your audience. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to get people to listen in the first place. One way to captivate them is with props.




Props in presentations


When many people think of props, the first thing they think of is a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. However, that’s not what I would usually think of. Although, …

Props, especially in a corporate presentation, need to be chosen wisely. They should encourage audience understanding and participation. Anything too distracting is detrimental!




Props can support your presentation


Visual impressions can be more powerful than words because they are unusual, concrete and visual at this point. They should reinforce and underpin verbal statements. They can attract attention in an appropriate way, especially if you show something unexpected.

You can often add humor. Props are a great way to add levity and surprise to your presentation, but be careful not to come across as over the top. Know your audience and know what they think is appropriate so that you maintain your credibility.




How to use props


If used incorrectly or clumsily, props can derail your presentation rather than enhance it. So follow these tried and tested principles:




1. safety and. Ensure function


If the props you use have moving parts, make sure everything works as it should. You don’t want a prop to break in the middle of your presentation or have unpleasant effects. Keep your props clean and replace anything that shows wear and tear.




2. Timing


Keep your props hidden until you use them to increase the element of surprise and ensure you get the most impact from them.




3. Comprehensibility and visibility


Props should always be large enough for the audience to see them, even in the back row. If you are presenting to a large audience, you may need to make some adjustments so that your props have the desired effect.




4. Pay attention to your story line


Under no circumstances should you pass the prop around, because then no one will listen to you. This can quickly overturn your planned dramaturgy.




5. Authenticity


Check whether you feel comfortable with a particular prop. If you feel unprofessional or silly with the prop, you probably won’t look your best.




6. Familiarize yourself with the prop


As with other aspects of a presentation, you should practice the timing and handling of your prop beforehand so that you can use it smoothly and seamlessly. This includes rehearsing how you will present it and how you will hold it.






Props can be used to great effect in speeches and presentations to increase the audience’s attention, make complex information understandable, or create an emotional response. Here are some examples of props that can be useful in such situations:




1. Models and prototypes


Especially in technical or scientific presentations, models or prototypes can be used to make a new product or technology tangible.




2. Diagrams and graphics


Large-format visual aids that show statistics or data points can help to present complex information in a clear and easy-to-understand way.




3. Images and photos


Visuals projected on screens or shown in handouts can be used to illustrate points or emphasize a message.




4. Objects with symbolic meaning


A simple object that represents a deeper meaning or story can engage the audience emotionally and reinforce the message of the speech.





5. Multimedia elements


Videos or sound recordings can serve as props to make a presentation more dynamic and appeal to different senses.




6. Interactive elements


Voting devices or other interactive tools allow the audience to participate directly in the presentation, which increases engagement.




7. Personal objects

The use of personal objects or anecdotes can help to create a connection with the audience and strengthen the speaker’s credibility.




More examples

If you want to see more examples, then enjoy my YouTube channels, like @karstennoack






The targeted use of props can enrich a presentation and help the audience to remember the content better. However, it is important that the props fit the topic well and support the message of the presentation without distracting.

Props can greatly enhance a presentation and make it more entertaining, impressive, understandable and memorable for the audience. However, props cannot hide a weak presentation. After all, you want the audience to remember the value of your message, not that you pulled a rabbit out of a hat.


Preparation of important speeches and presentations


Those who do not speak are not heard, and even those who speak up are not always successful. There are a few more steps that need to be mastered.

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Just ask me personally


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What do you think is the best way to captivate your audience? Do you use probs?


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