What May Cost The Preparation Of A Presentation, Which Effort Is Justified?

The ratio of benefit to effort

The effort to prepare speeches and presentations


It’s the opportunity you’ve been preparing for. The keynote, the boardroom presentation, the sales pitch. This could be the moment that changes everything. Don’t leave it up to chance. If you expect something from a presentation, it pays off to prepare accordingly. With a convincing presentation, a lot can be achieved and investments are worthwhile. Which effort is worthwhile?

Do you prefer your speech or presentation to be nice or remarkable?


We are not very demanding in Germany when it comes to the quality of speeches. We seem to have a certain willingness to suffer. How do you prefer speeches and presentations?

Affordable, nice, all right or impressive? How do you want your speech or presentation? As so often, this is a matter of priorities, effort, opportunities and risks. Investing requires thoughtful decisions. Why do more than necessary?




How about a remarkable speech?


In a good presentation, a message is prepared and presented so interesting that it can be viewed from many angles. Thus, a presentation will inform, inspire, and add value to the audience entertainingly.

A large part of the fascination of remarkable presentations is based on the fact that committed speakers make an above-average effort in the preparation of your contribution.

Some selfish speakers focus on audiences to present themselves. Excellent speakers often make a much better impression because they also think about their audience. Their main goal is to make the benefits and experience as good as possible for the audience. For this purpose they are ready to make their contribution and to create the conditions.




The effort for the preparation of presentations


Numerous sources describe the effort with which presentations are prepared, for example, in the Keynotes of Apple. The immense investments in time and funds have paid off there.

Not every one of us has such resources available. I often wished for a different budget, especially in the graphical presentation of my presentations. Investments should be evaluated in the ratio of expenses to earnings.

Which effort is worthwhile for the preparation of a presentation can only be answered individually. However, if you expect something from a presentation, with a convincing presentation can be achieved a lot, it is worth preparing accordingly.




How much are mediocre speeches and presentations costing you?


Settling for run-of-the-mill speeches is costing you. People aren’t hearing you and because of that you’re missing out. You’re missing out on new customers, on that promotion you’ve been waiting for and on opportunities to educate and motivate.

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What effort is justified for the preparation of speeches and presentations?


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Published: May 11, 2007
Author: Karsten Noack
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Translation: August 14, 2019
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