What Effort And Cost For The Preparation Of A Conversation Or Negotiation Are Justified?

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The effort to prepare a conversation or negotiation


If you expect something from a conversation, it pays off to prepare accordingly. With a good conversation, a lot can be achieved and investments are worthwhile. So far so good. Which effort exactly is worthwhile?

How important is the conversation?


Not every conversation requires extensive preparation. However, some preparation is good for every conversation. What effort is recommended is a matter of importance, effort, opportunities, and risks. Investing requires thoughtful decisions. Why do more than necessary? 




How about a good preparation for a conversation?


Conversations can have different goals; inform, inspire, clarify, … In a successful conversation, it is possible to mutually communicate the perspectives and options and to find a common solution. After a good conversation, the participants are happier than before.

Good communicators are ready to make their contribution to a successful conversation and create the conditions for it.




The effort for the preparation of conversations


Sometimes a short note is enough to prepare you and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to take a closer look at the risks and opportunities. Sometimes even considerable investments in time and financial resources pay off.

Not every person has professional support or the financial means to do so. But carelessness is often the reason why good preparation is omitted. In order to limit the damage later, often great effort is required. Again, the rule applies: investments want to be evaluated in the ratio of cost to result.

Which effort is worthwhile for the preparation of a conversation is to be answered individually. However, if you expect something from a conversation, it is worth preparing.

Preparation of important conversations and negotiations


Communication can be very easy. But often it is not. Sometimes we say things and then later notice from the reaction of our conversation partners that they seem to have spoken to someone completely different. I didn't say that with the best will in the world. - Or did I say that after all?

More or less consciously, conversations are about convincing other people of something - be it a special offer, your personality, a perspective, or a necessity. If this doesn't happen fast enough and above all not exactly to the point and descriptively, the person we are talking to quickly loses interest, and we lose the hoped-for opportunity. — Conversation failed.

You can let me support you in the preparation of your conversations and negotiations (to be on the safe side: no legal advice!). Find out how you and your message are perceived (arguments, body language, language, voice, and much more). I will familiarize you with effective tools and communication strategies. Develop your psychological skills, learn to stay calm, act confidently, remain authentic, and finally convince.

Just ask me personally


Let's get into a conversation. Please post any questions that may be interesting for other readers in the comments. If you are interested in coaching or training, for personal questions about that and appointments you can reach me best by e-mail (mail@karstennoack.com), phone +49(0)30 864 213 68, and mobile phone +49(0)1577 704 53 56.

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What effort is justified for the preparation of speeches and presentations?


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