Help, am I a narcissist? 8 indications that you are not a narcissist


Are you a narcissist?


Do you wonder if you are a narcissist yourself? Here are 8 indications that you are not a narcissist.


Help, am I a narcissist?


Those who have suffered from narcissists and have become aware of the issue tend to have additional concerns. Often the question gnaws at them whether they are narcissists themselves.

This is very common when one parent has strong narcissistic tendencies. In principle, the worry is a good sign, because narcissists do not see this as a problem.




Indications that you are not a narcissist


Probably everyone has qualities in themselves that suit narcissists. Quantity and combination cause toxicity.

Here in a nutshell a few hints that you are not a narcissist:




1. Friends


You have honest friends. Your friends may also give you uncomfortable feedback without being removed from your contact list. Narcissists have admirers around them at best.




2. You listen


You listen because you care about other people and their needs.




3. Authenticity


You are authentic. Narcissists deceive and masquerade when it matters. As trained manipulators, narcissists know how to get their environment to do what they want.




4. You do like people


You know, other people are an enrichment for the world.



5. You can ask for help


You ask other people for help when needed and you let yourself be supported. Narcissists have the wisdom for themselves and accept only stooges and no experts.




6. Benevolence and the ability to enjoy the happiness of other people


You can be happy for other people. Narcissists are jealous when other people achieve or possess something that, from their point of view, only they are entitled to.




7. the ability to accept criticism


You are willing to admit your mistakes and apologize honestly. Narcissists do not allow their flawless self to get a dent.




8. Eye-level


You meet other people at eye level and can delegate responsibility if necessary. The ability to act as a team player is a clear indication not to have too dominant narcissistic tendencies.

Still no all-clear, tangible relief?


Individual criteria that belong to the overall picture of a narcissist can be found in many people. Narcissists, under whom people suffer, usually fulfill a variety or even almost all criteria.

Are you honestly worried about being a narcissist? Then it is highly likely that you aren’t!

Read 36 tips for identifying narcissists and 30 tips for communicating with narcissists. If you want help in dealing with narcissists, you can find more information here.

Help dealing with narcissists (no legal advice!)


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What experiences do have you with narcissists? Do you found signs to have elements of a narcissist?


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