Here And Now

Be present, aware and enjoy!
Here And Now



I love making plans!
Plans to reach the goals.
Plans for personal growth.
Making plans to change the world.
Plans to …

Yes, planning is important.
But let us be aware of the side effects.

Even so, it is essential to realize the bigger picture it has some risks …
… We could miss being in the moment right now.




Be present, aware, and enjoy!


Are you present? Is your mind here, or is your mind elsewhere?

Whatever you are doing, be present and aware of it while you do the task. It’s more about your concentration than anything else. Being present means that you are focused on what you are doing. Plan your future and enjoy being in the here and now.

Let me quote John Lennon; “Life is what happens to us when we are making other plans.”
I like making plans, it is fun!

How about making plans and enjoying every step on the journey to reach our goals.

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This article is a short excerpt from the more comprehensive course materials my clients receive in a group or individual training or coaching.

Published: June 21, 2001
Author: Karsten Noack
Revision: August 14, 2019
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