You Want to Avoid Criticism?

You Want to Avoid Criticism?

To Avoid Criticism, Say Nothing, Do Nothing, Be Nothing





There is no real way to avoid criticism


Aristotle is correct; if you try to hide away to avoid criticism you won’t get anywhere. But even by hiding, you could still face criticism.

A fulfilled life isn’t about avoiding criticism. Criticism can be a good thing. It’s often said that whoever is going on his way and does not encounter criticism is probably going in the wrong direction. Time to get on the right track …

It’s better to have honest criticism than to give or receive false praise. At least you know where you stand!




Criticism is seldom pleasant


Criticism is seldom pleasant. It is usually bitter and hard to swallow. This also applies to constructive criticism but it brings us forward, it makes us better. Such kinds of criticism – in the sense of feedback – should not only be welcome but even encouraged.

Some criticism is not a source of enlightenment. There are some people, who have an innate or learned tendency to focus solely on sore spots and not appreciate or see the potential in others. They can be very harsh and demotivating. The reasons are varied and often personal in nature. Often there are conflicts of interest that are not mentioned openly.

And there are sensitive people who ruthlessly lash out and express their emotions to everyone and about everything. For some people, it doesn’t matter how you react as they are passive and don’t seem to care. Then there are others that whatever you say or do, in their eyes, will always be wrong, incorrect or a failure.

But don’t allow people like these to stop you or put you down!

Rather than avoid criticism like the plague, see it as what it is; an additional perspective, the perspective of another person even if you don’t agree.

Nothing more and nothing less!