Decision Making: Do It Now!

Self management
Do It Now!

A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.

George S. Patton





When you think about it, all business activity really comes down to two simple things: Making decisions and executing on decisions. Your success depends on your ability to develop speed as a habit in both. I believe that speed, like exercise and eating healthy, can be habitual.




Different requirements


I don’t say all decisions should be made quickly. Some decisions are more complicated or critical than others. It might be helpful for you sometimes to wait for more information. Some decisions can’t be easily reversed or would be too damaging if you choose poorly. Most importantly, some decisions don’t need to be made immediately.

Decision making is one of the most important ingredients of success yet we are not taught this crucial life skill. With small decisions, a mistake is not serious. However, with a major life, career or business decision, the wrong choice can be devastating. A bad decision can cost dearly in terms of money, time or lost opportunity.




Decision-Making Coaching


Decision coaching is a specialized type of coaching. A professional coach with experience in that field combines the skills and techniques obtained from coaching individuals and organizations together with a knowledge and understanding of decision-making principles, decision tools, and best practices. As a result, a decision coach can successfully guide clients through important or difficult life, career and business decisions.

I help clients become clear about their personal values and how they impact the decision. With coaching, I help my client set the criteria for a successful decision and develop and evaluate options. Together we organize the decision process into specific steps and I help my client work through each step avoiding common decision traps. I offer specific decision-making tools and resources to help my client analyze the issues involved, assess risk, evaluate available options and make a wise decision.

As a coach I have to understand you, your values, long term goals, wants and needs. I have to see you as a real person and, at the same time, see you more objectively than you see yourself. That was I will help you to understand what you really want out of your life. I will not make the decision for you. I act as a skilled guide, consultant and adviser to help you arrive at your decision but ultimately the decision should be and needs to be made by you.