The Importance of Showing Appreciation

Why appreciation matters so much
The Importance of Appreciation
The Importance of Appreciation

Why appreciation matters so much


We all need to know that we’re important in other people’s lives. We all want to be noticed and valued. And we really need to be noticed and valued in private in business life. It doesn’t matter whether your office is a boardroom, classroom, or anywhere else. Appreciation is at the core of all healthy relationships. Most of us feel like we don’t get enough appreciation. Did you know that one of the main reasons people leave their jobs is because of a lack of appreciation? It’s demoralizing when you’re not recognized for your efforts and skills. There are a lot of people who do things for you every day. Employees, colleagues, family, and friends are expected to do their part. Do they know that you appreciate them? Let others know that you appreciate them.

Why do I believe that it is so important to show appreciation? Because…




Appreciation is powerful


Appreciation is the act of giving something or someone their proper value, and everybody has value. The value in a relationship is important because it lets a person know where they stand, and what they mean to you; appreciation is a way of letting that person know these things.

Apply appreciation to your relationships and you will…

  • make others happy
  • make yourself happy
  • boost moral
  • motivate
  • show respect
  • see more clearly what counts






Go ahead and thank someone for something they’ve done for you. It costs you so little, but it might mean the world to the other person.






Who will you take the time to appreciate today? And do you know how to appreciate yourself?