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Self-marketing for introverts


I have seen it too many times all over the world: People with an interesting offer, but no one seems to acknowledge it. People doing an excellent job but who don’t receive the recognition for it, while others (with fewer qualities but a louder voice) are promoted. No one listens to what they say – often because they don’t communicate it, or they don’t say it in the right way to get the appropriate result. They call themselves shy and introverted, and their potential is still waiting to be fully realized.




What holds them back from saying what they want to say?


Some say they don’t want to brag or draw too much attention to themselves. Many introverts focus on doing everything perfectly. That leads to additional pressure when they don’t want to say the wrong word, presenting themselves.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would discover their potential? What are the chances of that happening?




Are you an introvert?


Do you want your voice to be heard, but you are scared to open your mouth in front of an audience? Do you consider yourself an introvert? Bearing in mind the current economic situation and tough job market, how long are you willing to wait?




Be yourself


You have something to say. Be authentic and active: Present your personality concisely, state your position clearly and define your self-marketing strategy. Do this in a way that is consistent with your personality!

You and your offer are both unique - so let your target group know it!!

If waiting just isn’t an option, it is time to get assistance. Together we’ll celebrate your strengths and build the vital skills you need to raise your visibility. You’ll decide how visible you need and want to be to accomplish what matters to you, and then you’ll drive yourself toward your goals.




Let me support you


I support you if you want to answer the most important questions; what is so special about you and your offer that will benefit others? What drives you? Why should someone choose you and your offer? To solve a particular problem or fulfill a specific need?

How do you want to come across to your audience? I will show and train you on how to present yourself and your offer successfully. So you can get the recognition you deserve by doing things you like to do. It might take some planning, and you may need to create some new habits. We create a combination of activities to raise your visibility. The menu of options is limitless.

You and your offer are both unique and so is the combination - let your target group know it!

Contact me, and we will discuss your needs, the process necessary to meet your aims, the time frame, and my availability.

This article is a short excerpt from the more comprehensive course materials my clients receive in a group or individual training or coaching.

Published: June 21, 2001
Author: Karsten Noack
Revision: August 20th, 2023
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