Are You Brave Enough to Tell the Truth

Becoming aware of what prevents you from speaking up
Are You Brave Enough to Tell the Truth

All great truths begin as blasphemies.

George Bernard Shaw



Why don’t we stand up for what is right?


I appear to me that too few people are willing to stand up for what is right. Too many times we keep on complaining about the injustice in the world, but so few of us are willing to stand up and speak up. With little or no backing those few who do speak up then inevitably find themselves victimized – and that while others watch in silence. Somehow we completely miss the fact that when we do not speak up against injustice we become complicit in it.

Why is it that when people observe something wrong being done or said, they simply cannot find the courage to speak up against it? Is it that we fear being victimised? Or do we fear being disliked?




We don’t want conflict


I know how hard it can be to speak up. Most of us want to be nice to other people. We don’t want conflict.

Sometimes we aren’t certain that we even know what we want to say but we know we should say something. While searching for the perfect words we may hesitate.




It takes courage to speak up


Yes, it takes courage to speak up. And when we start out to speak our truth, we often don’t do it elegantly. Especially when we emotionally engaged we can be clumsy and a little overbearing or inarticulate. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak our truth. It just means we need to practice being brave. Are you brave enough to tell the truth, even it is not mainstream? And are your willing to show respect doing it in a way that supports your values without hurting others? Becoming aware of what prevents you from speaking up and facing the fear of being disapproved is the solution to start speaking up and giving your contribution. If you are looking for support …