Are there more than two types of speakers?

Stage fright


Stage fright: Are there more than two types of speakers?

There are only two types of speakers in the world.

1. The nervous
2. liars.

Mark Twain


Stage Fright


Is that true or are there more than two types of speakers? Are you nervous? I’m nervous sometimes. Even the most experienced speaker still gets nervous from time to time. Let’s face it – a bit adrenalin in front of a huge crowd ist part of the business, like a good coffee in the morning. You can learn to cope, thrive, and fly to speaking success despite the stampede of horses in your stomach and your knocking knees. Accept the nervousness as a natural part of caring about your audience. My recommendation to help you deal with those presentation jitters – be prepared and know especially your introduction. By the time your introduction is over, the adrenaline subsides and your nerves will be behind you. If it isn’t stage fright but public speaking anxiety, a kind of phobia, ask for professional help. it usually won’t go away by itself. Not even the best tips how to deal with stage fright help with a public speaking anxiety that needs special attention. By the way: I have the experience and official allowance to work as a therapist in that field.