Ouch! Ouch! Do you really want a husky voice? Be kind to your voice.

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Do you want to torment your voice?


Your voice is your reflection of your personality. When a person speaks evidence of their age, gender, race, education, health and environment is shown. Do you torment or nurture your voice?

Your voice is a reflection of your personality


The voice is a reflection of the personality. When a person speaks evidence of their age, gender, race, education, health and environment is shown. The voice provides a glimpse into the innermost psychology: emotions such as anger, joy or fear change our voices. With vocal pitch, intonation or melody, we also get snippets of a person’s personality. We can see how they are as a person, how they want to be, how authentic they are. It’s not just clothing that tells you a lot about someone but their voice says a lot too.




Do you want to strike a different tone?


To some people, a husky voice can sound very attractive. Some associate it with something mysterious. I’m not really a fan I have to admit. But several times I have been asked how one can make their voice husky. Regardless that I feel it is unhealthy and not good for the vocal cords in the long run; people still want to know how to make their voices sound raspy. I would suggest to others not to follow these steps but to merely take them as a warning and a “what not to do” guide.



1. Clearing of the throat or cough


Throat clearing or coughing hard is bad for your throat and it roughens the speech organs. It is healthier to swallow and so relieve the scratching this way.




2. Dehydration


Dehydration is an effective way to harm the voice. The vocal tract needs fluids in order to function. If the vocal cords are not properly hydrated, they vibrate more slowly and the voice becomes deeper.




3. Bad Air


Poor air quality is a great way to damage the vocal organs. The mucous membrane of the larynx is very sensitive. For example, if dust or smoke pass by on the way to the lungs more mucus is produced to help this move along. When this happens frequently, the mucosal changes; a thicker protective form is produced. Thus, the vocal folds vibrate more slowly, the voice sounds deeper, rougher. If you frequent smoky bars and pubs as often as possible, that is a good way towards getting the dirty smoky voice you know from the old black and white film Noir.




4. Hot spices and alcohol


When you use hot spices they often get under the epiglottis and affect the voice negatively. The same applies to alcohol. Cheers! So if you want to damage your vocals then go ahead and drink to your heart’s content!




5. Brute force


Without using tools, you can torment your voice by force. Shout as if there’s no tomorrow, do yodeling lessons, sing an aria for Counter-tenor or hold a four-hour monologue doing tongue twisters – all of this naturally without any preparation. Whoever wants to change their voice as fast as possible will quickly achieve that.




6. Ignorance


Protect your throat and voice especially when you are ill. If you like that hoarse ill-sounding voice then, by all means, leave the scarf at home, talk as much as you like when you have the flu and just ignore all the signs your body is telling you that you are unwell.




7. Waiver the microphone


Using large microphones in large areas is for wimps. Only those who are loud enough are right! People that shout loudly seem more confident and persuasive and obviously have trained their voice so they must be good speakers. The fact they might lose their voice afterwards doesn’t matter because that’s a normal reaction right?




8. And…


Do you have any recommendations for getting a husky voice? Or are you more interested in how to take care of your voice to protect it and make it excel and work for you without all the horrible painful side effects? How would your voice sound, for example, with more resonance instead of coughing? I think taking care of your voice and not doing these things listed above is actually far more rewarding.


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How do you deal with your voice?

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