The Value of the Soul

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The soul is the part of a living being that consists of the mind, character, thoughts, and feelings. It is the spiritual part of a person that some people believe continues to exist in some form after their body has died.

The value of the soul

The moral man loves his soul and the ordinary his property.




Humans are born with a soul. This is claimed and few deny it. But, who has seen it, the soul? What we notice from the outside is how a person behaves. We suspect what he is inspired by.

“Why would people gain the whole world but lose their lives? What will people give in exchange for their lives?,” said the carpenter from Bethlehem.

What do you mean?



What is the value of the soul? Where and how can immaterial values ​​be valued even more clearly today?

The superior man loves his soul; 
the inferior man loves his property. Confucius

Initial release: 1.11.2010
Author: Karsten Noack
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