Fees Coaching, Consulting And Individual Training Premium

Highly flexible…
Coaching and training in Berlin

Premium 1:1 (business owner, C-level,…)


Advantages and additional options:

  • Appointments on the same day
  • 24/7: Meetings every day around the clock
  • Up to 12 hours in advance is a transfer of sessions with a duration of up to 2 hours possible (1x)
  • Additional material
  • Selected video recordings
  • Planned and spontaneous meetings with online video support or by phone in 15 minutes units




Option A: Booking of individual sessions *

The hourly rate (60 minutes) is €249 plus 19% VAT.



Option B: Booking packages *

A package of 5 hours that can be used within 12 months is available for €1245 plus 19% VAT.
A package of 10 hours which can be used within 12 months costs €2299 plus 19% VAT.

One of the advantages of package bookings: Preferred scheduling



Option C: Booking of intensive sessions *

The daily fee (max. 8 hours) is €1899 plus 19% VAT.



* Terms and conditions to be noted

Postponement of meetings: meetings of up to 90 minutes may be rescheduled, postponed once within 12 hours before the appointment, for longer sessions; a minimum of 7 days notice is required. Failure to comply with these terms will result in being charged the full amount.

Payment: The fee must be paid in full please by bank transfer and be received before the scheduled appointment. It may be possible to pay in cash on the day of the meeting but these are exceptions and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please talk to me about it.

Package offers cannot be converted.

Travel expenses: The fees do not include travel, accommodation, and allowance costs, which will be charged to the client.
When I travel to Charlottenburg, Mitte, Wilmersdorf, Tempelhof, Schöneberg and Zehlendorf I charge €170 plus 19% VAT, to Spandau, Neukölln, Friedrichshain, Reinickendorf, Kreuzberg and Treptow I charge €200 plus 19% VAT. For all other places, an offer can be given upon request.

Personalized: The packages can always be used exclusively for individual meetings one-on-one, and they are not transferable.



Published: March 9, 2011
Author: Karsten Noack
Revision: August 13, 2019
Translation: August 13, 2019
German version: https://www.karstennoack.de/organisatorisches/konditionen/exklusiv-coaching/