Hypno-Coaching in Berlin

Trance makes proven coaching techniques even more effective

Hypno-coaching is coaching in trance…


Hypno-coaching helps to work on subconscious topics and to achieve goals. It is a powerful method.

Be present, aware and enjoy!




Many people still have quirky notions when they hear the term hypnosis. That’s why I often prefer to talk about hypnosis as part of mental training. Either way; hypno-coaching is becoming increasingly popular since competitive athletes use hypnosis successfully to maximize their performance at the touch of a button. Hypnosis (or more precisely hypnotherapy) has been used in the fields of psychotherapy, medicine, sports, and other high-performance areas for a while with proven success and now also for a successful life.

Whether you call it hypno-coaching, Hypnocoaching, or hypnosis coaching. There are so many forms of hypno-coaching, as there are providers. Hypno-coaching with Hypnobalancing™ promotes a positive, optimistic attitude and the very inner state that brings you into contact with your resources. Important aspects: emotional balance, self-confidence, positive self-esteem, inner strength, determination, creativity, and flexibility.

Hypnosis is an old procedure. It uses innate abilities, such as imagination, memory, and dreaming. In the focused state of consciousness, the trance is much easier. Trance makes it easier to identify and utilize resources, better integrate findings and goals, and dissolve blockages. To achieve this, it is necessary to promote an appropriate level of treading in which beneficial experiences can be gained.

Hypno-coaching differs from classical coaching because hypnosis and hypnotherapeutic interventions are used together with classic coaching techniques. This results in even greater intensity than with many other classic coaching techniques without trance. Pure cognitive coaching only reaches deeper levels with a great deal of effort, with some experienced coaches using unofficially trance regularly. Working in trance allows easier access to actual feelings and attitudes, beliefs, patterns of perception, thinking, and behavior.

Typical topics


  • Preparation of a challenging situation, such as an important speech or presentation.
  • Know your life purpose
    Being stuck in an inability to act or disorientation frustrated leads to a dissatisfied life, far from the possibilities.
  • Motivation
    Resolve blockages by uncovering the causes
  • Fears
    Fears for the future, stage fright, speech anxiety,
  • Self-sabotage
  • Mobbing
  • Burnout
  • Self-confidence
  • Creativity
  • Exam situations
  • Change
  • Performance
  • Recognition of one’s strengths and talents
  • Stress

What happens during hypno-coaching?


What exactly happens during a session arises from the situation. Everybody is different.

Hypno-coaching uses goal-oriented traditional and modern hypnosis techniques, with light, medium to very deep trance. A variety of methods of flexible-cooperative hypnotherapy, such as Hypnobalancing™, are combined with techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other proven ways of mental training. All those techniques have a harmonizing effect on the body and psyche. They accelerate the process to reach individual goals. In a trance, the mind has more opportunities to access personal resources. Restrictive experiences from the past and blocking beliefs are revealed and changed. Positive convictions are strengthened.

Your hypnocoach and travel companion


What is a hypnocoach? This is a highly experienced coach with appropriate training in hypnotherapy and mental training. In my case, some more training and further education are added. For some subjects, appropriate permission to practice psychotherapy is required.

My profile gives you more hints on which background I use to practice effective hypno-coaching. Trance and mental training have accompanied me since I was 16 years old and helped me very well.

Just ask me personally


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Do you have private or occupational blockages and would like to give your life a desirable, happy and successful direction or want to reach a particularly ambitious goal?


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