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The Strength of Humility.

Humility makes invulnerable.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach



Like gentleness, humility is often an underrated character trait. It’s definitely a strength, in my opinion, because it brings many benefits.

Humility means having a modest opinion of one’s importance or work. Humble people value relationships at eye level, cooperation, harmony, fairness, are open to experience. They value the uniqueness and value of different people. They are convinced that every person is something special without being superior to others. It is the belief that every person has something to contribute that makes them ready to look at themselves and their fellow human beings in a more relaxed way. They have a balanced awareness of their limitations and those of others. But they also cultivate the perception of unique talents and strengths. They have the ability to remain grounded and bring thought, achievement and experience into a balanced perspective. This makes one’s own ego more constructive. This is powerful, as ego can blind people to what they do, and do not know.

Humble people are more resistant to stress, have better social relationships, better subjective well-being, better physical and mental health.

Humble people are more generous and helpful, are perceived as friendlier, liked by others, and less threatening. Such people are often better embedded in society, social networks and organizations.


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Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. C.S Lewis

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Published: March 5, 2007
Author: Karsten Noack
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Translation: June 8, 2019
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