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My group training on presentation and communication skills is also available as corporate trainings
Corporate Training

Corporate Training


My group training can also be booked as company training. The individual components of the various seminars can be freely arranged according to the specific wishes and concerns of the participants. I recommend rather small groups so that each one is involved and I can respond individually to all participants. So everyone will be able to take as much as possible into the practice.

Half day events
Up to a maximum of 10 persons 1850 euros plus 19% VAT

One-day events
Up to a maximum of 4 persons per training day 1850 Euro plus 19% VAT.
5 up to a maximum of 10 persons per training day 2350 Euro plus 19% VAT

Multi-day events
For up to 4 people, the first day of training costs 1850 euros and each day immediately thereafter 1450 euros plus 19% VAT.
For 5 to 10 people, the first day of training costs 2350 euros, and each day immediately afterward 1850 euros plus 19% VAT.

Offers for longer events are available on request. I am happy to support you, for example by creating a concept tailored to your project. Please give me the desired duration, group size, location, your preferred date and, if necessary, the training language.

Travel expenses and …
Fees do not include travel expenses, handout materials or any applicable taxes. If a trip is required outside of Berlin, the client bears the expenses. The costs for the journey within Berlin are included.

Method of Payment: The fee must always be paid in full without deduction by bank transfer within 14 days of booking.

Video or audio recordings are possible after prior written agreement and reimbursement.

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