Monthly Meeting in Berlin: And what are you doing? Everyday Self-Presentations, Everyday Pitch, Elevator Pitch, ..

November 9th, 2018 Berlin-Charlottenburg
Experten-Stammtisch in Berlin: Gewohnheiten: Wahrnehmungs-, Denk- und Verhaltensmuster

Monthly meeting in Berlin-Charlottenburg



1. Topics of the meeting


a. And what are you doing? Every day self-conceptions …


Everything in the world depends on a clever idea and a firm decision.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


How do you respond to the question “What are you doing?” Some people manage to provide connecting points almost playfully, while others flee from the question as quickly as possible. Often it is not clear what the other party actually offers and whether it is worthwhile to make contact.




b. Networking


The theme of the evening makes networking especially easy.




c. Guest contributions welcome


Share your ideas.




2. Costs


Participation is free, drinks and food are paid by everyone to the restaurant.




3. Eligibility


Interest in an interesting and respectful exchange on relevant topics and if possible expert in at least one area.




4. Where and when?


9 November 2018. At 7 p.m. Details follow at registration.




5. Moderation


I (Karsten Noack) take over the moderation.




6. Languages


German and English are the most common languages, others are also welcome.

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