Creativity... State of the Art. Event in Berlin

Event on April 25, 2019. Attention, unrestrained thinking can lead to excessive creativity!
 Creativity... State of the Art.

Creativity… State of the Art


Human creativity takes root in childhood. For the child, life is a creative adventure. The most basic explorations of a child’s world are creative exercises in problem-solving. This is the beginning of a lifelong process of inventing ourselves. In this sense, every child reinvents language, walking, love till this slows down in many people when becoming adults. Many creativity killers, are deeply rooted in our culture. Let us change something positively. Stay open. Continue to wonder.




1. Topics


a. And what are you doing? Every day self-conceptions …


Creativity techniques are helpful tools. But they alone are not enough for really innovative ideas. It requires the appropriate attitude, the conducive framework, appropriate inspiration to achieve remarkable results. That’s what this evening event is all about.



  • Careful, uninhibited thinking can lead to excessive creativity!
  • What does not work, what is working halfway, which works much better
  • Look beyond the box
  • Optimize creative processes
  • Constructive provocation
  • Creativity and corporate culture
  • Best practice based on practical examples




b. Networking


The theme of the evening makes networking especially easy.




c. Guest contributions welcome


Share your ideas.




d. Costs


Participation is free.




e. Eligibility


Professional interest in creative processes as well as a lively and respectful exchange.
Fundamental: Willingness to actively participate in experimental demonstrations. Leave unnecessary shyness in the office and dare.




f. Where and when?


April 25th, 2019 at 7 p.m. in Berlin-Steglitz. Details follow at registration.




g. The speakers


Two other experts have made contributions, one from marketing and one from research and development. I (Karsten Noack) will take over the moderation and teach exercises. 




h. Registration


Do you want to participate? Then please send a short message, including sketch of interest in the topic. I will contact you with further information.




i. Languages


German and English.

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