When In Doubt, Just Ask!

Stop mind reading and fortune telling
When In Doubt, Just Ask!

The fool wonders, the wise man asks.


Benjamin Disraeli




Are you mind reading?


Mind reading is when we take our guesses about a person’s motivation, agenda, or intention as the truth and then take action based on our assumptions. Since we can’t know what’s going on in another’s mind, our guesses are just that and nothing more. They are guesses, not facts. When we assume our guesses are facts, we can set ourselves up for unnecessary conflict by going into the conversation with a combative, antagonistic mindset that might be based on a totally incorrect perception.




Are you fortune telling?


Fortune telling is a cousin of mind reading. Instead of taking our analysis of a person as fact, fortune telling is taking our predictions of what will happen as fact. Just as with mind reading, fortune telling can set us up for unnecessary conflict by leading us to enter the conversation in a confrontational mood.




Are you …?


When In Doubt, Just Ask!