Victim Role: Undeservedly Popular!

Motto of the day

Individual responsibility

Taking responsibility
instead of victimhood.

Victim role and victim trap


Do you sometimes feel like you are a victim: a victim of circumstances or other people’s sacrifices? The nasty thing about the victim trap is that it snaps shut unnoticed. Because the victim role is comfortable, others are responsible. But it cuts us off from many possibilities. Ways out of the victim role




1. Take responsibility


It’s a common misunderstanding, but it’s not about guilt or blame, it’s about escaping the victim trap. Anyone who assumes responsibility or at least assumes partial responsibility is ready to play an active role. Only then is it possible to escape from the paralysis.




2. Acceptance


It is like it is. Time for a final stroke.




3. Clarification


For clarification, questions are helpful to devote to the solution and redesign:

  • What is there to learn from the situation?
  • What benefit can you draw from the experience?
  • How can the negative effects be reduced and limited?
  • What are the options for prevention?
  • Who and what can provide support?
  • Which options are available?



Where can we take more responsibility today? Where can we exert positive influence?