Just a thought and ...



Don’t believe everything you think!


The human capacity for self-deception knows no bounds. We just repeat the same kinds of mistakes over and over. But can we prevent ourselves doing the same damn thing again tomorrow? We can!




Easier said than done?


Here are some ideas how to do that:

  1. Be careful with limiting beliefs.
    Changing your mind is one thing, but changing a long-standing belief set is entirely another.
  2. Maybe you are listening too closely to negative self-talk.
  3. Listen more, react less.
  4. Make sure it is your gut feeling and not the result of too much coffee.
  5. Think twice before jumping to conclusions.
  6. Feed yourself with positive thoughts.
  7. See the wood and the forest.
  8. Stay open-minded.
  9. Don’t believe your own propaganda.