How to Deal With Presentation Anxiety (Stage Fright)

Mastering Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright


How to Deal With Presentation Anxiety (Stage Fright)

There are two kinds of speakers: those that are nervous and those that are liars.

Mark Twain



When adrenaline is flowing through your body


Heart racing, palms sweating, labored breathing? Nothing impacts a presentation more than your own anxiety. Anxiety is a fundamental aspect of every speaker, every actor, every politician and every person who ever presented. Human beings get nervous when they have to talk in front of others. We all suffer from some level of stage fright. But many individuals avoid public speaking situations because they do not know how to deal with presentation anxiety.

The sensation of stage fright is bad enough, but what is worse is the damage it can do to your career and your self-esteem. If you let it stop you, your sense of self gets smaller and your stage fright gets bigger and more powerful.




Avoidance leads to more problems


Some want to avoid it so desperately that they will take jobs where they don’t have to speak publicly. This is not just a disadvantage for the individual, but also for the countless people who will miss out on what this individual has to say. Speech is power and power come with responsibilities.




Are you the only one?


If you have attended meetings, conferences, or presentation training and have watched the communication styles of excellent speakers; you may wish to be like them. Some presenter exudes such an air of confidence and they do not appear to show any signs of nervousness. The truth is that even world-class speakers typically get nervous before they take the stage, no matter how often they are in front of an audience. It is in how they harness that nervousness that makes a difference in the quality of their presentation.






I can help you to learn how to deal with stage fright. If you have stage fright or fear of public speaking, it is a sign that you are highly sensitive. When presentation anxiety strikes, you need some strategies to get out of your own head and onto the stage with confidence, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Learn how to transform the tension of stage fright into a relaxed and authentic presence; stay present in your body, in the moment and allow your passion to be expressed in your presentation or performance.

What, when your anxiety has its roots in your subconscious? Good to know that I am also an experienced therapist in the field of anxiety. One way or the other will help you to enjoy presenting yourself and your offer successfully in front of an audience.






How does your level of anxiety in front of an audience change with more experience?