What are you curious about today and how does that change your perception?

The Motto of the day

Curiosity inspires human perception

The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

Albert Einstein

The influence of curiosity on perception


Evolution made us humans become learning machines. As learning machines, we need a healthy dash of curiosity to help us take full advantage of this learning capacity. Healthy children try something out until the result satisfies their childish expectations and ideas. Adults …

People are curious by nature


Curiosity is the condition associated with an increased willingness to face new, unfamiliar and complex situations and objects, to explore them. People are eager to learn from the first day of their lives, want to understand what works, want to experiment, gain experience. Anyone who is not curious learns nothing, said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Sesame Street says it in his own words: “Just ask a question. That starts “When” or “Who”, “How”, “What” or “Why”. Okay, wanna try?”

Interest changes the perception


While much of the knowledge available has been a privilege for many millennia of human history, today more knowledge is available than we could download and consume from the Internet. Since it is not so easy to find your way around because with all the many offers information is quickly distraction. Our curiosity sometimes lets us do utterly unproductive things like reading news about people we will never meet, learning topics we will never have a use for, or exploring places we will never come back to. We just love to know the answers to things, even if there’s no obvious benefit.

And around us, a lot happens. Everyone manages the amounts of stimuli a little differently.

Today’s focus


Interested readers can now focus on the relationship between curiosity and perception. With the supplementary articles, you will find some suggestions on this topic.



For which concern do you want courage and determination? What would you do if you got the guarantee that it will succeed? What does it deserve to be supported by you?