NOACK Training & Coaching Berlin since 1998: 21 years coaching in Berlin

2019, time to celebrate. Here I publish the special events.

NOACK Training & Coaching Berlin since 1998: 20 years coaching in Berlin

Time to celebrate: twenty-one years of NOACK Training & Coaching Berlin



Time for a review


2018 marks the 20th anniversary as a full-time self-employed.

In the last 20 years, there have been some changes in coaching. Let’s look back to 1998. At that time, the term coaching still had to be explained. Today it is used inflationary. Sometimes I have to smile. Much of what is actually consulting or training is today – because it should sound better – referred to as coaching. It goes so far that even today I am sometimes asked if I still offer classical coaching. Yes, I’ll offer it!






From telephone coaching in the last millennium to today’s video co-op with HD resolution.

20 years ago, coaching via telephone was possible. Without visual contact, the voice and its subtle undertones attracted a lot of attention. It certainly had its positive qualities, but so many advantages of good coaching were reserved for direct meetings. It just lacked the eye contact and all the other visual sensory impressions.

Yes, there were already webcams, but the video quality was much too pixelated, to detect details. Because of the available bandwidth, the quality was limited.

We have quite different options today. Today, coaching with video support is almost identical to an on-site appointment. We can sit opposite each other, and we also can get up and walk through the process together. Thanks to video in high quality, even small emotions, tensions and other emotional moments are recognized. It comes quite close to a meeting with me in the office. However, you have to organize the good coffee yourself and if you are on the beach, unfortunately, I can not hand you the sunscreen. In fact, I have been virtual with my clients in numerous exotic locations.




Events in 2019


2018 we had a party. For the year 2019, I have also planned some activities with which I will celebrate together with my clients. Exclusively here at the blog articles, some surprises spread over the year to celebrate this. 




1. Lunch Coaching 90 for 60


I want some exercise in the lunch breaks and armed with a delicious sandwich. Those who want to use this form of coaching now have the opportunity. To celebrate the anniversary, 90-minute lunch coaching sessions cost 60 minutes.

Meeting point is always at the Olaf-Palme-Platz in front of the Aquarium Berlin.

Further information on lunch coaching can be found here.




2. Bonus


Please note the bonus for some group trainings.

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