Think On Your Feet
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It increases the courage with the occasion.

William Shakespeare



… “Mr. Noack, honestly. You can’t learn quick-wittedness!”
– “That’s right! Just as one can’t learn to fold paper boats!”


Quick-wittedness is not a parlor game for the minority but is actually trainable – even if you do not learn as fast as Churchill and Mark Twain. In my training sessions and particularly this seminar you will learn to stay autonomous and confident instead of forgetting your words and sweating nervously and be able to handle verbal resistance.

… You’ll be so charming and successful that it will remind aggressive resisting people, sarcastic colleagues, and know-it-alls, not to interrupt you again — seminar passed!






  • Fundamentals of repartee
  • Dialectical methods and questioning techniques
  • Expand your vocabulary
  • Word Games
  • Training of verbal spontaneity
  • Perception
  • Dealing with mind block
  • Verbal strategies
  • Improvisation
  • Flexibility and humor
  • Expressing personal opinion confidently
  • Respond quickly and skillfully
  • Great responses to personal attacks and killer phrases
  • Practice, practice, practice!






Repartee helps you not to be speechless at the crucial moment, but to find the right words. You learn to skillfully counter verbal attacks with appropriate responses and obtain more sovereignty and serenity.




Who is this training for?


Women and men of science, business and politics who want to expand their communication competence in this way.






The teaching of theory with demonstrations, group and individual work, role plays and exercises, simulations, experience, practice, discussion, feedback, ImproRhetoric™.




Training Events in Berlin


  • 10th and 11th January 2017
    The course fee is 1,499 euros plus 19% MwSt.
    Early birds pay 1,399 euros plus 19% VAT before 28th October 2016*
    Bookings no longer possible: —
  • 14th and 15th October 2017
    The course fee is 1,499 euros plus 19% MwSt.
    Early birds pay 1,399 euros plus 19% VAT before 15th March 2017*
    Bookings no longer possible: waiting list


For training effectiveness, only SIX SEATS are available.

Please contact me regarding questions and registration!

* The deadline for early birds shall be the date of receipt of payment, not the application date.


Note: Group training is also available as a corporate training session. If you would like an even more thorough tailor-made program where you schedule and choose the content individually, you can also do this training program as an individual training session (recommended: at least 11 hours).



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