Presentation Skills II For Effective Public Speaking

Intermediate Training
Training Presentation Skills II in Berlin and Online

We like people who tell you exactly what they think. Assuming of course that they are thinking the same things as us.

Mark Twain



Intermediate Training Public Speaking


You must finish what you start: Do you already know the basics of presentation skills and already possess experience in giving lectures, speeches or presentations?

Then it is time for the next step; time to maximize your persuasiveness. In this workshop, you will build on the knowledge you acquired in the workshop Presentation Skills I. We will work on your public speaking skills and especially on your presentation skills by learning how to use your personality and charisma to best support the message you want to give.






  • We build on the skills and knowledge from Presentation Skills I
  • How to prepare speeches and presentations
  • Use effective, straight to the point language
  • Use body language with purpose
  • Be convincing as a speaker with pauses, clarity, and dynamics
  • Voice power, resonance, emotional talk
  • Dealing with difficult individuals in the audience
  • Advanced communication psychology
  • Impromptu speech
  • Practice, practice, practice!






You will improve your presentation skills, learn how to speak freely and develop your personal presentation style.




Who is this training for?


Women and men of science, industry, and politics that want to develop and hone their public speaking skills.






Working on own presentations, theory with demonstrations, group work, individual work, role-playing, ImproRhetoric™, simulations, exchanging experiences, feedback, audio and video training.




Training Presentation Skills II in Berlin


  • 1st and 2nd October 2018
    Course fee is 1,499 euros plus 19% VAT
    Early birds pay 1,399 euros plus 19% VAT until 15th March 2018*
    Bookings no longer possible: waiting list


For training effectiveness, only SIX SEATS are available.

Please contact me regarding questions and registration!


* The deadline for early birds shall be the date of receipt of payment, not the application date.


Note: Group training is also available as a corporate training session. If you would like an even more thorough tailor-made program where you schedule and choose the content individually, you can also do this training program as an individual training session (recommended: at least 10 hours).


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