Presentation Skills Training in Berlin and Online

Every Presentation Is A Self Presentation
Presentation Skills Training in Berlin and Online

Nice is not enough!
You can have the greatest idea in the world but if you can’t convince enough other people, it’s only a nice idea.

Karsten Noack



Ladies and gentlemen,

please, may I have your attention?

Are you a leader, independent contractor or a public figure and do you often have to speak in front of people giving speeches and lectures in front of the camera? Take a moment to honestly ask yourself: are you absolutely satisfied with your performance? Are you completely sovereign and convincing? Do you use the whole range of vocal pitch, does your entire body language right down to your little finger support your message and performance? Do you always prepare and build your presentation with the most appropriate structure? Do you keep your audience entertained without circus acts and fancy tricks? Can you handle critical issues or irrelevant remarks?

Well, you might not know this secret but I’ll tell you: speeches should leave your audience more speechless than you. People should seem captivated by your information and energy. It is your goal to move and to inspire them rather than to deliver pure facts and figures without meaning.

If these are things you would like to achieve you should book a presentation skills training session with me — either as a group or individually … Whether you’ll appear in the Hall of Fame for Sensational Speakers, is up to you but why not try!

And one last thing ….You have just learned one of the ways to structure a speech. It is the AIDA Formula: Attract the attention of your audience (Attention) — Raise interest by focusing on and demonstrating advantages and benefits (Interest) — Convince people that they want and desire what you’re offering and that it will satisfy their needs (Desire) — Lead the audience towards taking action (Action).