Eliminating Your Fear Of Public Speaking

A mentor is a trusted counselor, a wise, loyal, and supportive guide, an adviser, or a coach.
Stage Fright

Public speaking? What’s the big deal? Old books will tell you that there’s no reason why you should be afraid to give a public speech.

For a long time the understanding was that people were afraid because they weren’t prepared. So, the whole focus was spent on being as well prepared as possible. And preparation meant the technical part of presenting. Do it again and again and everything will be fine. Therefore many trainers developed programs, which are really heavy on preparation and practice. They assured the people that they would cure their fear, and it could take anywhere from weeks to months, and the thing that was absolutely necessary was that they had an advanced desire to conquer the fear.

Yes, training where you practice and practice and practice, and you show up in front of people who care about you and you practice your speech, and you do really well – that’s wonderful. You do need to practice, and I want to support everybody who’s giving a presentation with training, I want you to be really brilliant in your subject. But it’s not enough to overcome a physiological, automatic reaction that gets triggered just by the thought – the thought – of looking at a podium, the thought the night before of going up on stage, being alone in front of an audience.

Consciously you may be heard that this isn’t as dangerous as it feels, but it still feels horrible! Your mental and physical reactions deny all logical explanations. Therefore you have to deal with it where it is located; in your subconscious. Eliminating your fear of public speaking is possible! With techniques like NLP and Hypnobalancing™, you can retrain both your conscious and your subconscious mind. Once the feelings of fear of public speaking are gone, there is no reason for the brain to continue to worry, stress or create anxiety around presenting.